How can anyone who endure any type of mental distress learn to distinguish the dissimilarities between an anxiety disorder or a panic disorder. While in many instances sharing common physical and mental characteristics, there are some very determining abnormalities that establish them an distinct disorder all of their own.

Length of Anxiety

For peoples that suffer from a regular anxiety disorder, their thoughts are saturated with non stop agony and concern. They are scared that everything that will come about or can chance to occur will be undoubtedly fraught with danger. The anxiety in this disorder seldom ever recedes and is almost continuously insistent. It is an atrocious sequence apprehension that knows no beginning or end.

Panic attacks are mainly commonly known for their abrupt unexpected appearances. They can be brought on by anything, in any situation, at any time. There is also no set time these attacks can last for. Sometimes they may last as short as a few minutes while other times it can be as long as many hours.

Anxiety Implications

One of the annoyances of a regular anxiety disorder is the incapability to control the fact that anything and everything can trigger an attack. Often times, an attack may be produced by things that may never even happen but the brain will still invoke worry and agitation.

Panic disorder sufferers have been found to be more prone to having epic attacks when sensing tension in a certain setting. This in itself can give rise to great anguish to a victim, knowing they could experience an attack if they find themselves in similar events.

Even thought most panic attacks escalate without warning, some people can still see certain behaviors or connections amidst numerous attacks.

Unmanifested Emotions

Sufferers of an anxiety disorder feel very nervous and tense that something is going to go bad. They are very concerned about things that would usually elicit no concern at all. The emotions are essentially agitated and worried, compared to the intense panic and sense of disaster that comes with a panic disorder.

Although panic attack sufferers do not know what they are in fact afraid of, they become entangled in trepidation and lost in visions of terror. Their logical part of the mind may be aware that there is nothing to fear, yet they still can not rid themselves of the sense that something really terrible will happen.

A big consideration with numerous who suffer from the common anxiety disorder is with all of the distressing and fretting, they can bring on the onslaught of a full blown attack. In situations where there is a minor cause for alarm this can be exaggerated into an all out disturbance they can no longer handle.

If they are scared they could find themselves in a similar situation, there could be future attacks of panic. This is why in the case of acute cases of anxiety disorder individual often feel symptoms much like panic disorder although not often lasting as long or as strong.

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