Chinplants are becoming a household word now that they have been featured on many blogs, internet news sites and television shows. The procedure seems so simple, so safe for receding chins or short jaws…just a little slash with the scalpel and that dab of whatever the chosen material is soon inserted into your body. Poof! You look different; your jaw line looks tapered yet strengthened and contoured. Maybe the double chin has lessened as your previously benign chin is certainly more dominant.

Does a chinplant make you look older? Does a chinplant make you look younger? Does it visibly change your profile?

This procedure is practically painless because there is minimal swelling and bruising. Inserting the material into the chin means that the inside your mouth may feel tight and your lower lip may feel smaller. Muscle movement in the chin is likely affected by cutting and suturing and may feel numb for quite some time.

Choosing a surgeon to aesthetically assess your face before you begin will lessen the chance that the implant won’t clash with your eyes, nose and lips. That’s right. A chinplant will change your face shape and the results may be startling. Remember, if you do not feel in sync with your results, you may be a candidate for revision surgery.

People may not tell you that you look better, look younger or look thinner. Maybe you will be the only one who sees the visible difference. If you have a double chin previous to the chinplant enhancement, you will still have it when your procedure is finished. If your jawline is flush with your neck, your jawline will still be flush with your neck.

Perhaps your physician will recommend liposuction in those areas. This may make a difference but remember that these add-ons mean that you spend more money with no guarantees of success or that you will love your results.

A better, more economical approach to creating a better-looking profile with a slimmer neck would be to use facial exercise.

Learning a facial exercise program that employs isometric contraction will certainly lift, contour and shape not only your soft, spongy neck muscles, these exercises will taper and strengthen all muscles in the neck and face. When you use this type of natural enhancement rather than an invasive procedure, there is no room for mishap or disappointment.

Facial exercise will reshape your face so that a youthful appearance develops in just weeks. Healing from any surgical procedure is likely to require six months to a year but choosing exercise over invasive procedures means there is no healing time because there is no cutting of perfectly healthy tissue.

Most importantly, facial exercise affords you the comfort of no surprises. You look like you only younger once the exercises are learned and performed.

Using facial plastic surgery and injections that plump and paralyze usually only makes the user look unnatural and subject even to ridicule by well-meaning friends and family. Just what does one say to a person who has undergone radical transformation by over-zealous use of fillers and the like? “Oh, I love your new chipmunk cheeks!” or, “Wow, don’t you look different!” or “How about that chin?”

Safe, natural, proven and reliable are the words used to describe exercise and especially facial exercise.
Every surgical procedure and every invasive procedure has risk. Save your money. Save your face. Use facial exercise and love the skin you’re in.

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