Every picture is worth a thousand words, and the figure of T.Q. STAR on my blog tells you everything that you need to know about effective time management.

These 5 words on the corners of the star, represent the elements of the most powerful entity of the world, TIME and if you can control these elements in your life, you can harness the power of TIME Management and all of your problems can be solved very easily.

So start taking control of the 24 hours, just follow these 5 elements. Each element is connected to the rest 4 elements and completes the Time Quotient.


When you start your day, list down every job that you’ve to do, and assign priority to them. Don’t be confused by the list of tasks, just assign 1st priority to the highly productive tasks, Don’t procrastinate, do the important jobs first and small output tasks afterwards.


This is the most important element, everyone knows that without scheduling a single tasks can’t be completed, whether it is at job or at home, you’ve to plan ahead.

Start scheduling by taking the high priority tasks first, BUILD TIME SLOTS, assign a particular TIME Slot to each task, also include “Time add-ons” e.g. you’ve a meeting at 12, by your estimate it can take 1 hour, but include a time add-on for maximum ½ hour, so that if delay occurs due to any problem, your schedule won’t be disturbed, and even the meeting completes on time or with a little delay then you’ve earned extra time for your next task!

Assign TIME SLOTS AND TIME ADD-ONS to every task that you’ll perform throughout the day, this makes your schedule flexible and prepared for any emergency delay, but do have a threshold for time-add-on, you’ve limited time and if the task doesn’t complete within the time add-on, you should complete it first and reschedule for the rest tasks of the day.

3) Follow

90% of the people turn around on this element. They prioritize and schedule, but when it comes to following it, or following it through every day, they find it hard. It is mainly because the human brain resists changes, we can’t stop this feeling because we’re habitual of the daily ill-managed schedule.

Many people find the follow through of the schedule BORING, follow the schedule for some time and then go back to their old life.

But remember, an organized life yields great results, and unorganized life leads to less efficiency, and it leads to high work stress. So better start following the schedule and get great results.

4) Attract

Stay focused each day on your schedule. Use the law of attraction and spread this star to others so that you can get a group of organized people thinking just like you, and get better ideas from them. You may encounter many situations that can create problems for your scheduled life, many people give up after these situations, but don’t do it. If you follow your schedule for 21 days, it’ll definitely become a habit. Most people give up after 10-15 days, but this can affect your work efficiency.

Many problems will come daily, whether a task takes more time than the time add-on that you’d planned, or you’re busy completing an unplanned task, while your scheduled task is getting delayed. Don’t be afraid of these situations. Life is another name of challenges, take these situations as challenged and remember, always complete the high priority task first.

If you schedule doesn’t go as planned, reschedule and keep working, never lose focus on the results that you’ll get through better time management.

5) Evaluate

Until now you’ve prioritized, scheduled, followed and attracted the time star in your life, but now it’s time for the real test, Evaluation. At the end of each day, you note down every task that you completed throughout the day. REMEMBER: Never leave a task incomplete, it’s the enemy of time. When you’ve jotted down every task, evaluate the average time slot and average time add-on for each task, observe each task and make changes for the next day. Evaluation of your daily activities in the night, helps you to plan ahead for the next day, and makes you habitual of scheduling and efficient time management.

In this way if you follow the “T.Q. STAR” technique, you can achieve miraculous results through efficient Time Management.

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Shakti Pradhan is an aspiring technopreneur,determined to help the professionals through his unique thought approach of 7 Quotients.In his life of 22 years,He’s researched on the lifestyle of successful people around the globe,discovered what makes them so much successful in personal as well as professional life!Fascinated by the application of 7Qs by many entrepreneurs and celebrities,He’s also spreading this message to the public through his blog http://the7quotients.wordpress.com telling others about these quotients which can change their lives and lead them to success.