Here are Three Easy Ways to Have Great Peace and Inner Strength.

1 - Let Go of Being Fixated on What Society Wants

When we are constantly fixated on what society wants, thus we are never being truly ourselves. We are constantly being what other people want us to be. All the great thinkers, Socrates, Plato, Lau Tzu, Confucius, and many more were all thinkers that lived outside the box of society.

All of them were willing to transcend what other people thought in order to be authentic and be themselves. When we fit into the tight box of society there is no room for growth… only conformity and stagnation.

When we are afraid of what people might think… it’s impossible to be free and the expansive within… and thus we can never have peace.

“Let Go of What People Think”

2 - Let Go of Uneasiness and Apprehension

Every time we have apprehension, some kind of uneasiness, some kind of dread… it keeps us from ever having peace.

If we are constantly worrying, uneasiness all the time, always apprehensive, how can we have peace? That’s why we have to transcend that kind of thinking and give it up completely. And it takes time to move our mind towards peace and love.

Strength is never apprehensive, strength is never worried or uneasy, strength is the rock that sits in the middle of a stream that everyone clings to as they cross the rushing torrent.

And the same goes for people who are full of strength. People cling to them because they never allow themselves to be filled with apprehension. Thus it’s important to emulate people who were full of strength such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Kennedy, Gandhi and many others who gave up their uncertainty for inner peace.

“Be a Rock… Fill Yourself With Strength… Emulate Powerful People”

3 - Let Go of Cravings

Anytime we want or need anything we cancel out all possibility of attaining peace. Cravings are the opposite of contentment. If we constantly have the impulse of wanting this, wanting the next electronic gadget, wanting a new car, or even having a craving for sugar or anything else… it’s impossible to have peace.

We are negating our ability to just “BE”.

A state of “BEING” is a state of wanting nothing.

Those who are peaceful… are content with what they have… and sit back and watch the clouds roll by.

“Enjoy What You Have Now”

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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