Nobody becomes an inspirational speaker by calling himself one. You can inspire people without the title.

Forget the title.

You may give yourself the title of inspirational speaker. It does not matter. Titles are just names. Inspirational speaking is not about what you do. Inspirational speaking is about the results you want to achieve and for whom.

Inspirational speakers wear many hats. Some of them are called priest, teachers, managers, businesspersons, chief executive officers, students, entertainers, salespersons, politicians, students, and many more. But none of these titles made them inspirational speakers. So do not be concern yourself with tags and even the tag price (I will talk about this later). Do not allow people to simply put you in a basket like what they do with tomatoes. Titles are lazy thinkers’ way of categorizing you.

Forget the title.

Look around. You will find many speakers who gave themselves outrageous and immature titles. You can find the “best motivational speaker in all of Asia”, the “youngest motivational speaker in England”, or the most “entertaining motivational speaker in Malaysia”.

That particular title, the youngest motivational speaker, really sounds immature to me. What is the use of using that title? Do you want to show off? Do you want people to be impressed that you are a young genius because you are able to motivate people at a young age. Forget about it. There is no entry age for motivational speakers. Or even for inspirational speakers. You get old every year and someone can easily dethrone you. I saw one 25 year old guy who made that claim. He does not know that there is that girl Fatima Soriano who has been inspiring people with her songs and her speeches in churches and on radio. And I will not wonder if there is someone who is younger than her, someone who did not bother to advertise herself, but do motivate and inspire people everyday. I have heard before that Bo Sanchez started his preaching at a very young age. But he was wise enough not to make such “youngest” title.

If you are 70 now, don’t you think of making your title the “oldest motivational speaker in the Philippines”. You may die very soon. But really, there are many senior citizens who decided to refire themselves after retirement and started inspiring people every where. One day you will be an audience to an 85 year old teacher singing, jumping, laughing, and inspiring on stage.

Forget the title.

When you are an inspirational speaker, and I am telling this now to myself too, you do not have to bother yourself with titles. The title the “best inspirational speaker in the Philippines” will not make you most inspiring. Brag that you are the “youngest inspirational speaker” and people will simply see you as immature. Being the youngest is not a qualification, not even a distinction. Inspirational speaking is not a contest of inventing titles. Focus on your stories. Enrich your world. You are the message and people are more interested with the message.

Forget the title.

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