Those dental professionals who have done specialization on prevention, treatment and diagnosis of gum diseases are known as Periodontist. A dentist needs to spend 3 more years in further studying in dental school in order to become a Periodontist. 

As a Periodontist, they will become specialist in performing various procedures related to cosmetic as well as restorative periodontal, which will be related to aesthetics and function.

Not only will they become a gum specialist but also be able to provide treatment related to scaling as well as root planting. Also, they can perform various procedures to remove damaged tissue.

There is a greater need for Central Periodontics & Dental Implants in the USA, as it has been found by research professional that 47.2% people suffer from certain gum diseases after they reach the age of 30.  

However, it is not necessary that all those people really need to consult any Periodontist. In most of the cases, your family dentist will be able to treat all the early symptoms of all your gum diseases or any other oral issues, if they are in primary stage.

However, if the problem is in too advanced stage then perhaps you may need to see any Periodontist in your city. Following are the few conditions when you must look for any reputed Periodontist.

Changes in your bite is noticed

While you chew, talk or brush, if your teeth has different feeling then you must see a periodontist. In case, there is a different bite pattern then it can be an issue which may cause any long-term problems, if proper treatment is not taken. 

A periodontist will be able to identify the reasons for such changes and can suggest suitable option for treatment that will solve the problem.

Your gums are red, bleeding or swollen

You must surely visit to any Periodontist in your area, as soon as you notice this problem. You must try to watch closely if your gums are bleeding as you brush or floss. 

In such case, try to seek opinion from any qualified Periodontist, so that even your minor issues can be addressed much before they turn into a painful problem.

Your teeth getting loose

If you find any loose teeth then possibly it is due to thinning bone with serious infections, like periodontitis. When you notice such problem then definitely you must visit a periodontist. 

It can always be good idea to get yourself examined even if it is just only your imagination, since it could be just an early sign of certain serious gum issue.

Your gums have started receding

Usually when we age, our gums will recede but it should not be noticeable. In case, you can easily notice your gum receding in your mirror then you must have a meeting with a Periodontist.  

You are feeling pain and discomfort

In case, you get the feeling of pain and discomfort around your gums, this may be an indication of certain serious issue. Try to solve the root of this problem by visiting a Periodontist. 

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