So are you a restaurant owner who wants to make it big in the food industry? The first thought that should flash in your mind is creating a food app. It may sound little luxurious but after doing the cost-benefit analysis you can figure out how beneficial it will prove out to be. Any business needs calculative risk and investment. The competitive product can always assure revenues and it's worth taking the chance.
When it comes to the food apps then there is no popular name than Zomato and Swiggy. Now you must be wondering, how much does it cost to build an app like Zomato? It may be natural to get curious about the established brands but you can even make big with a strategic approach. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad idea to dig into the secret sauce of the big fish like Swiggy or Zomato in the Industry.
What Has Made Swiggy & Zomato so Popular?
1. Online Food Order & Delivery
Apps like Swiggy and Zomato has created a revolution by creating a platform for all the restaurants. It has not only uplifted the food industry but has benefited the consumers too. Good food is certainly a mood lifter only if you can get the one that you prefer. With plenty of options available on the food apps, it's easy to choose the one you like and suit your budget.
2. Digital Menu
Zomato app template is always loaded with so many food options menu that attracts the customers. Inferring that you must have a gorgeous digital menu that can retain the users. Adding multiple options will do all good rather than any harm to your app. You can always plan to add as many options as possible to allure your target audience.

3. UX/UI
Nice UX & UI design has always helped the food apps to get more customers. You may need a special team of designers who can make the dashboard interactive.
4. Multiple Payment Options
Order online even if you don't have cash. Popular Apps like Uber Eats & Swiggy has already made it possible through their multiple payment options. Cost of developing app like Zomato with these features may depend upon your team or app development partner.
5. Chabot
Chatbots of the food apps are quite efficient in resolving any generic issue. Their customized content can help you in choosing your concern and you can resolve it there and then.
6. Customer Support
With efficient customer support offered by the popular apps, you don't have to worry about the delivery or the payment. If you don't get resolution at an initial stage then you can always call the customer care through the app itself. They are best rated for Instant settlement for your complaint.
7. Coupons & Cashbacks
Coupons and cashback are other wonderful features that have made these apps so popular. Customer can get instant discount and cashback by downloading the latest payment wallet. To build an app like Zomato you must understand how these features are integrated.
8. Tracking Mechanism & Live Geolocation
Food apps use the latest technology to help you track the location of your food. At the same time, these apps can check your live location to show you the relevant options and deliver at the right address. Such imperative features have made them one of the must app in every Smartphone.
How can You Make Similar Food App Like Market Leaders?
 Right Resources
App development required a team of developers and designers. You may plan to hire them on an hourly basis but that may not be sufficient to create an app which may need at least 3 months to complete. The economical way will be to outsource your project to any food app development firm. They can use the right team to give you the desired results.
 Required Investment
Food delivery app must-have features and cost go hand in hand. To get your app you must brainstorm about the features that you wish to add. Mobile app development company may give you some idea about the same. However, at the end of the day, you need to decide about the same. Your Investment in the food app may be based on a couple of factors.

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Team of people creating it does matter along with the services you want to add in your app. If you are not bothered about the funds, then you can go ahead and create an app like Zomato and Swiggy. Nevertheless, it may not guarantee the tractions. What you need to focus on is the apt features according to your restaurant business. Even with the investment of 15,000 USD, you can create a good food app.