The Bitcoin is in the news when the price skips high tops or goes deeper. But expectations about the blockchain technology behind the digital currency are high. Are bitcoins also interesting as wages, fees or extralegal benefits? The answer is YES. You can pay your session, drink or pay your wages in Bitcoin. There is even a Bitcoin ATM available and most of the websites are actively doing business in Bitcoins.

The price of the Bitcoin recently fell back, but in the long term it is on the rise. The Bitcoin even approached the value of gold a while ago. The first transaction, in 2011, was one of 10,000 bitcoins, for a piece of pizza. That pizza is now worth a small 8 million euros. Why? Worldwide the number of users is increasing and the total number of bitcoins can never exceed 21 million, creating a built-in scarcity.

Where does the Bitcoin come from? Actually bitcoins do not even exist, only traces of transactions between accounts (bitcoin addresses). This is possible thanks to blockchain technology: a loose, worldwide branch network of computers that arrange and control the transactions, managed by 'miners' who are rewarded with bitcoins. As a result, you can transfer bitcoins anywhere in the world at lightning speed, (in principle) safely and with minimal transaction costs. Companies find that interesting.

Wage in Bitcoin
In Freelance for Coins, the freelancers are moving on. This freelancing website allow freelancers to create and publish gigs and get paid in Bitcoin - with dollars as a counter value. To manage your 'money' you have to create a 'wallet'. You order through a broker who checks your identity. It's what searching. According to Andreas Wauters (founders of Gent Bitcoinstad), IT people, consultants and investors are the our audience, but we now also see a lot of financial experts. This is still in its infancy on the job level. We already have Freelance For Coins, where freelancers offer services to each other in exchange for Bitcoin. Even the site is now offering more than 12 stable cryptocurrencies to work with buyers and sellers.

Moreover, Bitwage is a platform to partially or fully pay your wages in Bitcoin. Ideal for expats. Brave souls keep their bitcoins and aim for an increase in value, but most of them change. With Bitwage you can also pay thousands of people at the touch of a button. Then there is also many websites or platforms, with which your employer can pay you in Bitcoin, With FreelanceForCoins, you can also easily be paid as a freelancer for Bitcoins, Ethereum, and more stable currencies.

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Misty Jhones