Rule #4 Self worth = the real self image.

What a funny concept the worth of the self. We are truly boundless, bright. Beautiful, vast and yet situations and our concepts that have come from those situations tell us that we are less than that.

I want you to know that you are ALL THAT. Where do we start with something this huge usually with a large gap between the idea and the reality? We start at the beginning fearlessly. Remember that means less fear not no fear.

Powerful Shamanic meditation to regain your energy:

I want you to sit somewhere safe and take a few luscious deep breaths. Close your eyes. Sit and allow yourself to see and feel an incident where someone tried to convince you that we weren’t all that great. Look at it with eyes closed or open and see the picture. Look into it deeply and now take a deep breath and pull your energy out of this picture by turning your head slowly to the left and then the right. Come back to middle and exhale. Do this as many times as it takes to retrieve all your energy from this situation. This meditation may be finished in 1 minute, one year one lifetime. Stay with this snap shot till it is clear and then move on to another situation and repeat.

Gift of this is it removes the power of the situation over you because you have your power back. This in only one paragraph but it is a really huge meditation. It is not easy to stay with but I will tell you that you will feel freedom and energy that you have never experienced if you do it.

This one is amazing it is intense and will give you back your self-love, which is paramount in achieving your self worth.

Please and I say please because this is the naked truth. Your naked truth.
I now want you to stand in front of a full- length mirror look at your self as kindly or as accusingly as you want the choice is yours. I could suggest one but really you will go through many changes with this so start where you are in relationship with your body. Look and then say out loud I like myself, I love myself and I see my soul for at least 3 minutes this informs the world that you mean this. . Follow this with 3 minutes of doing this mantra in a whisper that will inform the intimate
You, now do 3 minutes silently this informs the essence of you.

The Gift of 3 minutes is: Changes your blood chemistry, strengthens your magnetic field, and improves your circulation.

Follow this with kindness. Take a bath, lye down and listen to chanting or great soothing music. Take this new reality into your beautiful being.
Allow it to sink in deeply.


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