Rule #5 Get real and realistic with your feelings.

Wow! Or as I would say Wahe Guru (The eternal, invincible WOW)
As you go through this process not just read about it but truly embark on the “dealing with emotions barge” I applaud you. Why because there is a reason you have the weight on in the first place. Again I don’t care where you are carrying your weight and I don’t mean body parts I mean your dead cows can manifest or womanfest as physical weight, mental weight, emotional weight, and psychic weight. We carry it around knowing we have it or unconsciously not really knowing.

When you lose weight something truly amazing happens that no one prepares you for. You feel more. You feel everything more. Great news is you are more aware of how you feel and how everyone else feels. Not so great news is we were never taught what to do with ALL those feelings. This is what you fortified yourself against now a new journey, both exciting and scary. I want to help you have some tools to deal with all these sensations so you don’t choose to cover them up with sugar or caffeine or some other drug of choice.

Aside: If you forget something you need or want to remember I want to offer you two effective techniques for bringing something that has (slipped out the back door) home. One is an NLP technique that they stole from the yogi’s right, just look up and sit or stand with the thought you want to retrieve. It will appear as if by magic. Another way is take your baby or Mercury fingers and interlink them with each other and pull thinking of what it is you need to recall. Again usually comes a calling.
When you feel overwhelmed by emotions your tendency may be to cry or stuff it, or get angry or ______- fill it in. I would like you to try one of these breathing techniques. Just for a couple minutes. Practice it now and every day a couple times a day just so it will be on your hard drive when you need it.

Four Part Breath: Miracle Breath
Blow your stress away!

Sitting up straight, inhale through the mouth, filling your lungs in four equal parts—starting the breath as low as possible in the abdomen. Exhale through the mouth in four equal parts, from the upper chest down. If you feel relaxed you can do this exercise breathing through the nose. Repeat the cycle.

1-3 minutes

Instantly reduces stress, so you may see a situation more objectively. Helps dissolve overwhelming feelings.

The other breath is called
Sipping breath: This is very easy, just make your mouth like you have a straw in your mouth and inhale through the straw like lips. Exhale through your nose.
1-3 minutes
Will take you into a very relaxed space to feel more connected to you.

Lighten Up:
This comes from a friend of mine. Start a lighten up journal.
1. When things get challenging write it down and then look at what the possible light could be in the situation.
2. Write down what you would do to make lite of this situation. Use your sense of humor.
3. Write down what you can turn this into. Light, lite, life lite, lite life


You need to move your body every day, movement rocks. Not just walking. Get extreme. Do yoga till you sweat, swim a mile, roller blade, dance, run, jump, roll down hills but do whatever you choose for a MINIUM yes MINIUM of 40 minutes/day. Love what you do and do what you love. If you don’t love any of it get your person and go to a class or have a different class partner. No, not a study class and exercise class of some kind where you are accountable for not only showing up but also doing the work.

There is a great saying: “ Show up. Do the work and don’t be attached to the results. Each part is the most challenging when you are in that stage.

This is your mantra for exercise. Best if you like it but even if you don’t get an accountability partner who will go with you and make it happen with and for you. No they cannot exercise for you.

I can say 1000000000 things about the benefits of movement. I can tell you I am 60 and grateful that my body is flexible and strong and I want that for each of you. This can also be a deep quite time for you depending on what you choose or a fun connective time. Have several options. Opting out is not one of them.

Accountable is beautiful.

Remember connect with me tell me how you are doing. Are you doing?
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