Hepatitis A, B and C might not be something new to you anymore. In these diseases, viruses cause the liver to become severely swollen. It will then result to the patient experiencing extreme pain in his abdomen. The pain will be greatest in the upper right side of the abdomen. Fluid accumulation will then cause the swelling to become more apparent. They call this development ascite formation. Changes in the way the stool is formed is also noticeable. The color will become pale and even resemble the color of clay. When we talk of Hepatitis C infections, this is the most common first symptom. You should immediately consult a doctor once you notice this symptom so you can undergo other tests.

Many people will pass out dark colored urine. This is deemed to be one of the most telltale symptoms of Hepatitis C. It is also often experienced by some to have dizzy spells and to be frequently tired. Itching is also a symptom of people infected with the Hepatitis C virus. They will also have jaundice. Your appetite will also disappear so you won't be able to enjoy all the sumptuous food you cooked. This infection will contribute a lot in decreasing your food intake. A side effect would be some vomiting and also nausea. The skin will noticeable turn a tinge of yellow in many cases. In ten people infected with the virus, one will manifest this symptom.

What should be the treatment method that you should choose when it comes to your Hepatitis C infection? If you look at the treatment methods available, you will notice how they are all specially formulated to reduce liver cirrhosis. A Hepatitis C infection is mostly treated using a combination drug. This includes Ribavirin as well as Pegylated Interferon alfa. Some doctors recommend a weekly injection of Pegylated Interferon alfa. Other drugs like Telaprevir and Boceprevir are most prescribed for those with genotype 1 infections. This treatment will last for quite a lengthy period. Sometimes it could even go on for 48 long weeks. Some cases would merit probably only 24 weeks. A patient should also taken two capsules of Ribavirin in one day.

When you are undergoing these treatments, the doctors will not advise you to conceive. These tablets might lead to certain birth defects. Hence you must strictly avoid them during pregnancy and you should not try to get pregnant, when you are under mediation. It is best to avoid conception for at least 6 months. In case of liver cirrhosis or inflammation of the liver, there may be a need for a liver transplant.

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