“We love complaints!”, said no business ever! Customer complaints are rather taken as disappointments that tend to render all customer service efforts futile. But as they say- “Every coin has two sides.” Same is the case with customer complaints. Though they bring you down at the same time they help you identify and improve the weak areas in your business and customer service. All that you require seeing the positive side of these complaints is a positive attitude. Have a look at the best hacks that help extract positive results from them:
Respond to the complaints:
Ignoring customer complaints is not a solution. In fact, if you do this, people will assume you don’t value their opinion. On the other hand, if you respond, it gives an impression that you care, as a brand, and you are trying to make an effort. Moreover, this effort of yours can actually help gain brand loyalty.
Admit and apologize:
In the most typical scenarios, customers would complain due to some genuine problem. Just carry a positive attitude and empathize with your customers so as to ensure that you value them. Further, give them an opportunity to fully explain their problem so that you can dig deep into the problem and come up with a solution. In the case of a confusion, put forward the facts that prove that it was a mere confusion. However, you need to admit your mistakes when you are at fault. Take ownership of the problem and apologize to your customer. Nothing can calm down an infuriated customer faster than a humble apology.
Provide the best possible resolution:
Once you know the problem, dig deeper so as to identify the root cause. Once you’ve known what it is, fix it right away if possible. If not, then make sure that you manage the customer’s expectations. Provide a detailed explanation and then tell them about the steps you will take to get to the most appropriate solution.
Follow up:
Going that extra mile to keep your customers happy not only helps ensure those customer complaints have been handled effectively but also help build strong customer relationships. Customers love being valued and that’s what a simple follow-up call or a follow up email days after solving a complaint can do for you.
Follow these tips and see how your all your customer complaints get converted into boosted sales with time!

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