Social media campaigns can be and are a very effective marketing strategy to use to get more traffic to your website or blog! On the other hand if you elect to dive right in without developing a strategy of any kind, all your efforts and time may be gone with the wind! Although these are 'social' sites don't be fooled into thinking the need for developing a strategy to promote any business is any less necessary! Adopting this attitude will only serve to consume a good amount of your time, patience and effort while returning to you little in terms of traffic!

If your intentions are to get more traffic for your business using online social media here's a 5 point plan to identify and work these sites!

Locate Your Audience

Today working professionals 'rule' at LinkedIn while the 'younger' generation opts for Tumblir! Amazingly enough it seems that even baby boomers have found a comfortable home on both Twitter and Facebook! The point here is you can't arbitrarily select just any community or site and expect to get great results! Determine where your target audience hangs out at and focus your efforts there in order to be more effective marketing what you have to offer!

Set Your Strategies

Although these sites are casual in structure, your plan of action should NOT be! Interacting directly with people makes for a more dynamic atmosphere involving many unpredictable variables! Developing a strategy that will get you 'comfortably' accepted by others as well as how you present any offers is the ultimate key to your success!

Work Your Plan

Your approach must be methodical but not aggressive when working in these communities! The first priority is to gain the trust of others so that you can build relationships with them! One very successful way of doing this is to offer them information they have an interest in and this can be done by curating content from different sources! You do NOT have to be the one 'breaking' the news but merely deliver it to people instead! This will make you a reliable source thus allowing you to start a dialogue with these folks! Don't get ahead of yourself by promoting too early or too often but rather stick to your plan and by doing so you will be much more effective marketing anything when the time is right!

Observe Demographic Shifts

Twitter is a perfect example as to how the demographic cycle can change being it once was dominated by younger people but has now shifted to an older crowd! Keeping a close eye on the demographics for any changes on these sites is a MUST if you expect to be effective marketing on them!

Adjust Your Strategy Accordingly

Learn to 'migrate' along with the crowd that is your target audience! Big deal if they chose to move to another location since this will be easy enough for you to determine! Remember, the rules by which you engage and market to these people do not change, only the platform or community that they are located in! After you've established yourself as a reliable and even influential source, you will find it becomes much easier to get more traffic from these sites! Imagine, all it took was a simple plan and the discipline to carry it out!

Properly structured social media campaigns can be very effective marketing strategies for any business looking to get more traffic to their site! On the other hand trying to promote on most social sites can be frustrating and even fruitless without first developing a strategy to make efficient use of your efforts! The problem here is that most marketers tend to act fast and expect results even faster! When they fail to get results through their social marketing efforts they dismiss this strategy as being a useless waste of time and energy! The 5 point plan offered here today however will steer you towards social sites that hold the greatest potential for your purposes as well as planning your efforts BEFORE you invest them! If you aspire to get more traffic using social media you must be willing to establish strategies that will help you do so! Armed with both a plan and plenty of patience you will find this to be a highly effective marketing strategy for whatever your business may be!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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