Here's an interesting little fact. Studies show that statins, the class of drugs widely prescribed to lower cholesterol levels, have the effect of INCREASING vitamin d levels.

Now, there is plenty of evidence that Vitamin D decreases risk of heart problems and that the vast majority of people- including heart patients- are Vitamin D deficient . So, there are some researchers speculating that the small reduction in heart attack risk that has been shown with statins, could very well be simply from improved Vitamin D status! This is not idle speculation either. An interesting parallel between Vitamin D and statins is that both of them reduce C reactive protein (CRP) levels in the blood. C reactive protein is a marker for inflammation in the body. While it is a 'general' marker and not specific to heart disease, the vast majority of heart patients have elevated CRP levels and it is considered a risk factor for heart disease.

However, researchers STILL don't know WHERE the inflammation is coming from in patients with heart disease. Some experts speculate that one source could be periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a well known risk factor for heart disease, and there is a strong link between Vitamin D deficiency and periodontal disease!

Are you seeing the connection?

In reality, it may be much cheaper and safer to prevent heart disease by taking Vitamin D and getting good dental care than taking statins. Yet doctors are still not recommending EITHER of these simple approaches to prevent heart disease, instead they immediately recommend statin drugs that come with a whole HOST of problems of their own- diabetes, liver failure and muscle wasting among some of the more common. Do your due diligence if your doctor asks that you take a statin drug. There ARE measures that you can take to reduce your risk of heart disease that don't require taking pharmaceuticals. Ask your doctor if implementing some of the MANY lifestyle changes and dietary measures could eliminate your need for dangerous drugs.

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