Do something different. I was on a coaching call recently with a gentleman who happens to be 30 years old now, but at the time we met he was 24. And he was ambitious—he wanted to earn more money, and of course he was grown-up, pure middle class American.

So he did what everybody told him to do. His first dream was to double his income. By the way, his later dreams have expanded—"What must I absolutely, positively do to make my annual income my monthly income?" was a question he asked himself later.

But originally, he was doing what they told him to do. Conventional wisdom, which is generally wrong, told him to get another job. So he doubled his workload and doubled his income. Of course, even at 24 nobody can do, for very long, the grueling schedule of 16 hours a day—not counting commuting time, sleeping time, eating time, recreation time.

And as a result, both jobs suffered and his entire quality of life began to dwindle.

And then in desperation one day, he attended a human potential seminar. And he saw—now, I'm going to give you a little bit of napkin math—what he believed to be a really jazzed, jazzy, fun-loving speaker give a presentation. It's kind of like, do you ever look at rock stars and think, "Wow, that's work? They're getting paid for that?"

Well, just like that rock star, "getting paid" is an understatement. Getting paid outrageously is what this boy saw. He saw that speaker speak for an hour and a half and sell about 50 units of a program that cost $2,000. He saw that speaker make $100,000 in an hour. That's what he saw.

Again, napkin math—there might have been some expenses in there, you know. But when he saw that, he was converted.

And not very much later he immediately contacted me. We got him into our program; he is now a Certified MasterMind Consultant. By the way, if you want more information on that, that's at

Now he is that speaker. Now he's that person.

It took a few years in his case—though by the way, it doesn't need to take that for you. But here's what I'm saying. The general conventional wisdom is that when you need more, you do more. In his case, he wanted to double his income, so it made good sense and conventional wisdom to double his work.

Well, I already talked about the problems he had. There's only so much doubling you can do. In other words, the thing is not to do more of what you're doing, it's to do something different. Make a qualitative change.

Apply this to yourself, whatever you're struggling with, whatever your challenges are, whatever the goals you're working on. It could be as simple as a belly that's poking out a little more than it used to in your younger days, it could be a business, it could be your income. Whatever it is, what can you do differently that will move you toward your desired ends?

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