How many times do we say thank you?

Yes we, well a lot of us, have read and try to have an attitude of gratitude and I've written about that and how to feel grateful. But what I was thinking about this morning, over my cup of coffee, do we say thank you to those close to us? The people in our lives that are there all the time.

Sitting in the morning sun, I realised, even with all my training and learning I haven't said thank you enough. Yes when things were bad and they were there for me, you know the type of times, we’ve all had them, and I’ve thought it and even sometimes said it. But you see it's in these times when we notice their acts of support.

What came to me, as I sat quietly, was ‘what about all the other times?’ When being themselves they were there too. That smile, that look or little action that goes unnoticed and so often unappreciated. The thing I found was that as I thought of this I begun to appreciate them in my life and how my life would be so much less without them in it. Yes, the little things add up to so much more than we can imagine if we don't take time just to take the time and appreciate and feel grateful.

And it’s more than that ~ "What is?"

I know that being energy, that’s you and me and all those others, and therefore connected to everyone and everything our thoughts will go to those we think of. But what would happen if you took the courage to say “thank you” without wanting a response. Yes we would or could appear soppy, well in our minds, but would we. How would you feel if your father/mother/son/daughter came and said to you "Thank you ~ just thank you" and went about their day?

Would you think of them as 'soppy'? and how would you feel. Think about it now.
Hmm...Maybe there’s something in this, it does feel...

And then there's-
How do you react when someone says thank you to you? Cast your mind back to a time when you gave someone something or did something for them and they said 'thank you'. My bet is that more often than not you said something like "It was nothing" or "It's only something small you probably won't like it anyway" or words of than kind. When the reverse has happened to you how did you feel being told it was nothing? Let’s think again, what does it/would it feel like to be told ~ "you're welcome" or "It's a pleasure - enjoy." Hmmmmm... Maybe there’s something in this, it does feel...

So it's not only saying thank you more often it's also how you respond to being thanked that can make you feel a real sense of connection and let others feel that too. A few small words said with congruency can change both your day and those around you.

Thank you for listening with your eyes and your heart.

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Paul Clough is a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with his two of his three sons Luke & Joseph Clough is a practicing therapist and coach ~ Someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk. .For more information call +44(0)1223 720 120 or to see free hypnosis and NLP learning videos and audio downloads