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It is always useful when making distinctions, to first go to the dictionary, because the definitions of words reveal the amount of energy our race consciousness has put into the intention, or sheer force behind them. Usually the first definition is what most of our efforts have been devoted to maintaining. In the case of the distinction between summoning and creating, this is especially important:

To create:
"to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes."

To summon:
"to call upon to do something specified; to call for the presence of, as by command, message, or signal; to call or notify to appear at a specified place; to authorize or order a gathering of; call together by authority, as for deliberation or action: rouse; call forth."

If you first analyze the meaning of "creation" to "cause to come into being," then you will see the reason why the need to make distinctions is so important for the purpose of being clear. In being clear, we literally "clear the way" for our success so that we can travel upon the most bump-free road possible. This clearing allows us to not only achieve the intent of our goals, but it also most allows us to enjoy that achieving along the way. And it's that "along the way" that I am the most interested in, because we only "achieve" for a brief moment in time, but we spend our entire lives, "achieving." To achieve means to have gotten somewhere, the winning of a trophy, degree, relationship, or some amount of fame or money. But to be achieving, is to be in motion, traveling successfully along our separate paths. And to be in motion is to be vibrantly alive, to truly live a life worth living.

Back to the two provided definitions. Suffice it to say that we don't create, only Source does that. Only Source causes unique things to come into being, things that would not have existed by "natural processes." Sounds magical and miraculous to me! And it also sounds like what we do not do. If you think about it, even the greatest piece of artwork possible, flowing from the most stupendous imaginative flights of fancy, was still made from elements that had already been created. The paint, the clay, the physical elements around us that we assemble our artwork, great novels, or incredible relationships from, have to already exist for us to make use of them. And since every single one of anything whatsoever, that we misthink we "create," in reality, is made up of energy, which we so obviously do not create, then in truth, we actually create nothing. Instead, what we do is to summon.

As a note, why make this distinction? Because in fact, if we summon something with one unit of energy, and then summon the same thing with two units of energy, what do you imagine is the difference between the two achievements? If it is true, and it is, that we are literal magnets for what we have in our lives, then think about this process as us being electromagnets. If we power up that magnet with one unit, and then power it up with two units, of energy, which action do you imagine will attract more of what we desire into our lives? The action with two units, of course. Put simply then, making distinctions allows us the use of more energy. This is because we are not using our energy to power up false beliefs, or misleading definitions that have as their effect, a dispersement of our energy. In order to be achieving successfully, we want to sharply focus and lovingly guide every single particle of energy that we summon. That is, we want to do this if our desire is to become even more successful than we already are!

So instead of thinking that we create, know that we summon. We "call upon something specified." We literally "authorize the gathering of" things. This action is to ask for that which already exists as sometimes pure energy, and sometimes as already existing form, to come to us. In another article I fully delineated the silliness of thinking that, for instance, we "create" money. No, we ask for money, money that has already been printed and is in circulation, by the way. Or our life partner. We didn't "create" him, or her. If we are over twelve, and I assume that most of us are, that person is already in existence, so they have already been created. Instead, we summon.

What do we summon? Any and all things into our lives. How do we do this summoning? With each thought, emotion, belief, feeling, action, judgment, or complaint, we are always summoning the object of our attention. If we have our focus fixed on poverty, what happens is that we simply summon more of that. If we have our focus fixed on increasing our wealth, then that new wealth begins to fill up our lives. We may not be in charge of the form of what we summon, but what we summon is always in perfect vibrational alignment with our requests. Always.

The key to successfully summoning that which we desire then, is simple. For as much of your time on planet Earth as you can manage to maintain, keep focused on what it is you want. And even more importantly, keep focusing on it with the knowledge that it is already here, and you are simply summoning it to you. Because it has to be here already! In the case of relationship, keep on filling out those lists of the qualities you desire in a partner. Or in the case of money, keep on knowing how much it is you desire to attain. Or with family, career, avocation, or a specific project, keep focused on the end result, while through your confidence gained from knowing that you are indeed summoning those elements which will best fulfill that goal, you will be the most likely to stay in a state of centeredness all along that way. And it's through that calm centeredness, that you will have the best statistical advantage possible for being in joy as much of your time as you can be, as you go along summoning. As much of your time as you can be, because no one is ever in one state of being all the time, not even joy. Knowing this allows us to give ourselves a break, so that we can further clear our way to experiencing all the joy that we already do have, not the joy we think we're going to someday get. Now there's yet another distinction to make, and in doing so, we can make our lives even more worth living! You go!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success. www.onepennymillionaire.com

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