Every child has a dream of what they want to be when they want to grow up. Maybe it’s one that seems very attainable to us or one that far exceeds what we could possibly imagine for them in their lifetime!

The youngster who dreams of being an astronaut touching down on Mars – the young hockey player who has no doubt that he will make it to the NHL – a talented teen who wants nothing else but to be an actor who makes it big in Hollywood – the child who aspires to be the leader of his country.

These are BIG dreams and they require a BIG belief!

Every single one of the 2600 Olympic athletes had a BIG dream…and they realized it! Whether they were on the podium or not, their dream to be part of the team representing their country in Vancouver 2010 Olympics came true.

Behind every single one of these Olympians was the unconditional support and belief from their parents, coaches and loved ones…a key ingredient to bring dreams to fruition!

We can see, hear and feel the passion in their voices as our children excitedly express and describe their dream, and how we respond makes an impressionable impact!

No matter the role we play in their lives – parent, teacher, coach – children look up to us…they believe what we say, especially when they are on the younger end of the spectrum.

As parents we might say, “Good for you honey.” But on the inside we may think, “He’ll never make it.” We may unintentionally squash their passion by saying, “You know, only a very, very, very small percentage of people actually make it so don’t get your heart set on it”, with the suggestion they follow a more appropriate, realistic or practical path in life.

Many of us should be so lucky as to tap into a passion so strong and so real alike that which propels an Olympian – but then again, it’s never too late. A passionless life may seem like the norm for some, but needn’t be!

By full-on believing in the dreams and aspirations of our kids is the bridge that will support them in the pursuit of their goal when they forget to believe in themselves and may just be the spark to ignite the latent passion in us – one that we may have forgotten about…dreams we didn’t dare pursue.

The spirit of the 2010 Olympic Winter games have captured the attention of so many people – young and old alike – inspiring them to dare to dream for themselves what was once thought unimaginable!

From never having won gold on home soil to earning 14 gold medals – the Canadian team received the most gold medals ever won at any Winter Olympic Games…in just 17 days! Who could have imagined that!

Do you believe?

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As an awareness coach, emotional fitness trainer, author and speaker, Jo-Anne Cutler is passionately committed to bridging the energy, communication and connection gap between kids and their parents. By being aware of how cycles of disconnected behaviors impact our children and our relationship with them, we can shift what we are unconsciously teaching them by example and can inspire a new legacy of parenting for generations to come! For more information please visit www.theparentingshift.com and you can also follow Jo-Anne on Twitter @awarenconnected