Ultimately there is a Purpose to Life and having a clearly defined Purpose is vitally important. Its real important for you to know what your true Purpose in Life is otherwise you will drift through Life with no direction. Ideally there needs to be a clearly defined meaning to everything you do.

Firstly ask yourself the question Do I have a Purpose in Life and have I made a plan to achieve that Purpose? If not, then why not? It’s the biggest most important plan of your life. Most people don’t bother until it’s too late. Now ask yourself a second question – do people plan – a Wedding, a Vacation, construction of a Building etc - then why is it that most people don’t plan the most important thing in their entire lives – their whole Life!!!!

It’s an unfortunate fact that most people leave this world with their music still in them. They never set goals and drift through Life without any commitment to a Destination or a Target. I am asking you to get real about who and what you are before it’s too late. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Organise the one and only Life you have because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Make a written commitment today and begin now as you mean to go on. Discover your real purpose by committing any ideas you have to paper. Exchange thoughts and ideas with other ‘like minded people.’ What are you the most passionate about? If for example Personal Development, Blogging or Sports is something that you’re particularly enthusiastic about then write that subject on the paper. Let thoughts flow from there.

Map your Life out, as you would ideally like to travel through it. Forget all the challenges and issues. Include all the best things and Focus your mind with a Burning desire. Visualize with total clarity what matters most to you. Let the endorphins within you give you a tingling sensation at the thought of a greater, better Life - Financially Independent with Peace of Mind, having fun and really enjoying yourself.

Like they say in the US – “Fake it until You Make it.” The right brain does not know the difference between fantasy and reality so it’s up to you to feed your mind with repeated positive thoughts and eventually it will become your reality.

Your Life has to have a Purpose to have true meaning. Why are you here in this world otherwise? What are you aiming to achieve?

Take time out to discover what appeals to you the most. What makes you tick? What are you the most happiest about? I suggest going into the silence away from all the noise and distractions and spending a quality 30 – 60 minutes just with you. When you go into the silence for a minimum of 30 minutes its truly amazing how many ideas that can come flooding into your mind.

This is a way to also potentially discover your Purpose in Life. Keep searching and after a while you will determine your true Purpose in this world.

It’s ultimately really worth your while and something you’ll be so glad you did. It will raise your Self Esteem and certainly make you feel in command of your own destiny. Having a Purpose is your ultimate Mission in Life. Finding your Purpose will give you Clarity, Passion, Desire, Enthusiasm and a strong Will to succeed.

Go and fulfil your dreams not other peoples. Focus on Your No 1 Target.

Remember the 3 Ps – live your Life with Purpose, Passion and Power.

Have an excellent day wherever you are

Martin Jeszke


Author's Bio: 

Currently we live west of London in the UK. I am married and my wife is Italian. We have a daughter and son who now both attend university studying Business and Computer IT respectively.

My passion is now definitely Web Publishing, Blogging, Social Networking and writing Content and Articles for Websites and Blogs. Particularly love Personal Development and the impact it has on peoples lives.

Looking to be increasingly more involved in publishing and Social Networking together with interacting with people internationally. I am always glad to share my Self Improvement experiences with new found friends.

Interests include Travelling, Photography, Guitar, Yoga, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Social Networking, Reading, Writing, Impersonating and Meeting People.

Business: Web Publishing, Entrepreneur, Telecoms Consultant and International Real Estate. Locations London, Orlando (FL) and Phoenix (AZ)

Previously held positions in the corporate world in Operations, Purchasing and Materials Management as well as Personal Development.

We love to have fun, socialise, mix cultures for the better enhancement of our world. Travelling to different countries and enjoying great food is something we are also passionate about.