What about living a passionate life? Well... my Bible tells me that work become a curse after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. We were cursed by God to eat by the sweat of our faces, meaning we will have to work hard and face challenges in order to earn income and satisfy our needs. That is the reason we find work to be tedious without any passion. We engage ourselves in various activities that leave us entirely exhausted and with less time for fun, romance with our partners and relaxation with our families.

We become unhappy in our lives and hate work. We feel like not waking up and facing another day. We hate our bosses who pressure us so much to do things that we don't like doing. Do you agree with these sentiments? They're not absolutely true.

The kind of job you do defines who you are. It gives you the social status and the title in the society. No wonder when I meet with people and their second question they ask is what I do for a living. Sometimes, some of us get less attention from people when we find ourselves in a group of professions. How do you feel when you're in such a situation? This so-called thing 'SOCIAL STATUS' has made some people to feel unloved and not important as human beings. It literally kills the love for one another that Jesus not only taught but practiced it, "You shall love your neighbour as yourself."

The jobs we do are supposed to provide for our needs but they may result to boredom and turn us from being happy to being unhappy due to stress. This is when we come to realize that the amount of money we get as salaries is far less to cater for our essential needs. We drag ourselves to work everyday yet we are running our lives in deficits.

We feel like quitting since the peanut salary doesn't make any meaning in our lives. Surprisingly the gap between the haves and the have nots is widening each fiscal year (financial year or budget year). Only a few people have a higher purchasing power and the rest are struggling to make ends meet. One thing we must agree is that all people cannot be equal and as such there will be always disparities in income and wealth which is brought about by many factors. However, it is upon the government to ensure that disparities in income and wealth are kept under control, otherwise if they don't the have nots will lose hope and faith in humanity.

In order to overcome being discontent with the amount of salary you're earning which makes you to be unhappy, you need not to focus on your salary. There is more to be derived from your job that leads to true happiness and satisfaction.

It motivates you, frees you from unnecessary worries, makes you feel like working throughout without stopping each day, it makes people happy and to appreciate you. And of all these it gives you confident. Perhaps that is why you find some people spending many hours working without complaining.

Did you get what I was referring to? I'm talking about passion. Passion makes you to perceive your work beyond the amount of money you earn as salary. It makes you give your best each day without being fatigued. The society appreciates your services.

To conclude, passionate life is what you need to be happy. You need to have passion in your work. If you love doing something, then you'll not hate doing it nor get bored.

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