Do you know that you have got a style of leadership in your own capacity? Yes, you have a leadership style and please stop doubting yourself about this. A leader is a person who is supposed to know what is going around, she is well-grounded. In fact, as far as her duties are concerned, she is supposed to lift the employee's visions to higher heights in order for them to work as a team.

There is a difference that exists between a leader and a manager. A leader is a person who has a calling while a manager is a professionally trained person in the field of management. However, a manager can be a leader too. Good leaders are either born or made. Of course, if they're made, then you can be one of them. You can acquire leadership skills in various ways.

Man power is the greatest unique resource that exists compared to other resources of production. It is like a dynamo. It is capable of increasing or decreasing the productivity of the organization. Then, if this is the situation, how should it be handled?

This question is what brings about the need for good style of leadership that motivates and inspires the employees. Organizations that are performing poorly in their overall productivity have really failed to adopt a style of leadership that increases its employee's productivity.

By the way, do you believe that having papers (being a degree and masters holder in MBA) is all that determines good leadership? If yes, then you're likely to be wrong. Universities only impart theories on how to go about things but they never impart practical knowledge.

Hey, don't get me wrong here. I'm not against the acquiring of more papers. What I'm simply saying is that theory and practical are two different things. As far as management is concerned, experience counts a lot. Through your experience you have gained all along, you're able to determine the root causes of problems and their solutions. Your past experience helps you in solving these problems. "Experience is the best teacher."

Four Types of Leadership Styles

1.) Autocratic Technique Leadership Style

All the decision making powers are centralized. This leadership style is effective where decisions are supposed to be passed quickly. It helps in a situation where employees are reluctant in taking their own initiative to work.

2.) Free Rein Leadership Style

In this leadership style, the manager does not interfere frequently with employees while performing their jobs. Employees operate freely. This style of leadership yields the desired results quickly from employees.

3.) The Participative Leadership Style

Employees are allowed to take part in decision making process. In this leadership style, the manager's authority is decentralized thus she has to consult employees before making any decision regarding policies.

4.) The Paternalistic Leadership Style

This is more of fatherly style of leadership. The manager is more of father to employees. A leader is supposed to make the whole team happy by motivating them so that they work together just like a family does.

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