There are many different types of surgeries that can be performed for hemorrhoids. The one to choose for your particular hemorrhoids will very much depend on the following circumstances:

The type of hemorrhoids you are suffering with
The length of time you have been suffering
The number of times you have had these hemorrhoids
If you have had any previous surgery with hemorrhoids

And the three most important ones are:

The size of your budget
Who is your medical practitioner? Which type of surgery he prefers doing?
If you have any other health conditions that could be dangerous and interfere with the preferred surgery

The surgeon should discuss all of the above mentioned circumstances with you in detail, before deciding which surgery best suits your case.

The main types of surgery are the following:

Rubber Band Ligation: This is where tiny rubber bands are placed at the bottom of the hemorrhoid to cut off blood supply to the hemorrhoid and thus the hemorrhoid falls off.

Stapling: Also known as PPH, is where the hemorrhoid is stapled back in place.

Sclerotherapy Injection: this is where an injection is done a the base of the hemorrhoid. This stops blood flow to the hemorrhoid, the hemorrhoid dies and falls off.

Surgical: this is also known as hemorrhoidectomy, and is simply just cutting out the hemorrhoid with a surgical knife and after wards suturing the cut closed.

Laser and Coagulation: this is where a hot beam is used to cut off and form a scar to the hemorrhoid.

With all of the above procedures there are different risks involved depending on which surgery. The risks range from incontinence, excessive bleeding,infections, allergies, various complications, or even very costly, but all of them have these two risks in common the first being lots of post op PAIN and the second one is that the hemorrhoid returns soon after.

There is an alternative way to all of the hemorrhoid surgery methods mentioned above. This is a more natural and safe way to cure all types of hemorrhoids as well as cost effective that ultimately leads to a permanent solution.

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My name is Rudi Sturlese and I have suffered for about 40 years with hemorrhoids. Then through trials and errors, together with my pharmaceutical background I managed to find the permanent cure to this horrific ailment. Hence wrote a book called fresh hemorrhoids cure to help others to be free of hemorrhoids permanently.