The most common reasons why employees are not motivated are:

* Lack of confidence
* Worry
* Negative opinions
* A feeling of “no future here”
* Feeling unimportant
* Not knowing what is going on
* False recognition
* Lack of training

If you understand what motivates people, you have at your command the most powerful tool for dealing with them.

The foundation of all motivation is hope

Hope is therefore a criterion for people to be motivated. It is the cause for the effect, the fuel that drives the engine. Without hope, no person could ever be motivated. A motivate talks about the future, what to recognize and turn opportunities into success.

A motivated person is what one could easily describe as a positive person. That is, showing the characteristics of an attitude that is:

* Positive
* Motivated by a purpose
* Expecting to succeed

This in turn generates energy. Motivated people seem to have an abundance of this. You have heard the expression: “If you want something done, ask a busy person.“

The laws of motivation

1. We have to be motivated to motivate
2. Motivation requires a goal
3. Motivation, once established never lasts
4. Motivation requires recognition
5. Participation motivates
6. Seeing ourselves progressing motivates us
7. Challenge only motivates if you can win
8. Everybody has a motivational face
9. Group belonging motivates
10. Inspired leadership is motivational

Successful experience > confidence > I can

Failure > lack of confidence > I can’t

Which one are you? Think about it there is No such word as can’t

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