You are having difficulty in your marriage relationship yet your children feel the tension in the home and have difficulty to the point that it is interfering with their school work.

Do you sugar coat the painful reality from your children so you do not feel guilty?

Afraid of hurting

You maybe afraid of hurting your children so you hide things from them and this may create a different perception that everything are alright when you are having difficulty in making ends meet.


Your children are aware that you are quarrelling all the time if not with them it is with your mate and that affects how they see and act in the world.

When you quarrel in front of your children you change their history of how they view future relationships with their mate.

When you call your children names hoping to motivate them or your mate you are making the relationship worst.

Being angry

You may find that you get angry easily and very often and part of this is things are not going your way and you do not know how to change it or make it right.

When you are angry it says that you do not feel in control the way you want it to go or that you feel not heard or respected.


It is important to protect your children from your problems with your mate.
You’re as many other couples fight over money and how to spend it, because you do not have a plan or if you do someone does not stick to the plan and that causes more quarrelling.

Hiding your difficulties and putting yourself more in debt because you feel a shame because you feel you should be doing better and you are not that is no reason to keep this from your children.

Feeling shame that you cannot provide for your children is not helping you and your family, letting them know that you are having some financial problem gives them a chance to participate in helping to solve the problems.

When you define your self worth by how much money you have at one time you limit yourself and you live a lie.

Smarter children

Your children is much smarter and courageous than you think and giving them a chance to be a part of the solution to your difficulties that you are having can help them to make wiser choices when they grow up.


Children likes to know that they can contribute to helping the family stick together and work thing out than having fights or quarrels.

Children feels good to know that you include them in an action plan to save money or cut back on spending this helps them to have more respect for money and what it can buy and gives them a chance to have a better sense of dealing with money later on in life.

Conclusion: Sugar coating your reality does not help your children to learn about life and what to expect.

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