I sport around town in a late model Acura TL. It's nothing super exceptional—I'm not bragging on it—but it is a sports car. It's a four-door charcoal-silver color, and it has a 250-horsepower, automatic transmission.

Now, why I tell you this—a thing I never dreamed I'd be telling you—is because I've always wondered what Marshall Sylver means when he says, "Power is for use." I've never quite interpreted that until recently, while driving on the interstate.

You know me—I'm a very nice and polite guy. But when I get on the road in that sports car, man, I know all the different dimensions of driving! Driving fast, accelerating, braking—the brakes work as well as the accelerator does, and in that sports car all you have to do is think about where you'd like to be, and the car moves there by itself.

I mean, it's a phantom. It's something like I've never seen before!

Now, I get in the car and I'm on the interstate and I'm whipping around everybody else who exists. I'm getting to the front of the line. I'm moving in, I'm strategically slowing and speeding, and I can zap over to another lane in the flash of an eye! This is a good car.

And I just realized—that's not the way I drive when I'm driving my 1994 Ford Ranger pickup. When you've got to transport a set of beds, or a set of trunks, or whatever, you have to be real cautious. I leave a long distance in front, between my vehicle and the next.

And I realized that it's all about the difference in power, potentiality and ability that I have in those two vehicles.

I drive one dramatically differently, and I'm not saying recklessly—but it's much more fun, much more exciting, much more involved as a sport. And I drive one very carefully, cautiously; it's a truck.

Power is for use, I realized. So I extended the thought to me and to you. If you have the ability to speak, speak. If you have the ability to write, write.

If you have the ability to create an Internet business, to create a side income that may overtake your original income, if you have the ability to make presentations and be a stirring motivational speaker and make money from it by making and creating products and presentations, and you don't use that ability…well, power is for use.

You were intended to use it, and that's the whole point. Potential power is potential power, but it only becomes power when it's expressed.

So express it. Live in this moment. Do what you know you needs to be done. Do your dreams. Be an achiever—do not take any excuse for not moving on your dreams, on your goals, right now. Do it!

As Marshall Sylver says, "Power is for use!"

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