The movie ‘Twilight’ gets new and new parts, gets millions admirers all around the world, the story is attracting wide human masses in a time when could be said that the mystery around this appearance should not be so captivating when there are so many interesting contemporary things. It’s the same with the zombies, in a time when no one has reported that has seen a real one, appear Zombie Survival Guides, there are numerous zombie games and movies, organize mass zombie dances or walks when people are dressing themselves as undead and act like that…

Maybe this looks little bit weird but it’s not so weird if we compare it with the study of Idaho State University sociologist D.J. Williams. According to the researches of this high scholar for subculture, there is some vampire mania spreading around the world. It’s not about admiring vampire movies or something like that but is some thing more serious. Williams says that there are "self-identified vampires" that concern them selves as followers of Dracula. As he says many doctors or lawyers, people on respected positions “turn into” vampires at night, seeking for blood-sharing relationships.

It is affirmed that besides them, there are number of people that actually want their blood to be sucked.

Williams explains that these "self-identified vampires" conceive the people as a mixture of light and dark side. In public has been showing the socially desirable self, the side that people accept to see, but also there is a negative, not so nice, side of everyone. Everyone tries to hide this side but the vampires acknowledge it and try to manage it.

This scholar continues that "self-identified vampires" are actually looking for significant persons that have excess of energy. They are often in a relationship with their donor and a combination of a person with an abundance of energy and a person with energy blockages gives a perfect symbiotic relationship. The blood it’s been sucked from a small incision made high up on the chest by a scalpel.

Williams who took years for the scholar in forensic social work, criminal justice and leisure sciences, says that there are not arguments that this is illegal because it’s about an arrangement between two consenting adults and aims to have no ill effect.

If these approaches are true, it’s about social phenomenon that will take many years to be accepted. Maybe the perpetrator should be found in the director of ‘Twilight’ that has made vampires to look so attractive and so cool.

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