You can apply for a Student Visa for Germany once a German University accepts your application and offers you the letter of confirmation of admission. ‘Blocked Account’ is a crucial factor that determines the success of your application for Germany Study Visa ( It is a bank account indicating that you possess adequate funds to cater to your studies in Germany for minimum 12 months.

Blocked Account is normally created within 6-4 weeks. Thus it is essential that you plan your schedule with care and commence the process of initiating this account beforehand.

Documents Required for Germany Student Visa are:
• Completely filled application form
• Passport that is valid
• Two photographs
• Admission Letter
• Academic records transcripts
• Evidence of adequate funds to stay in Germany
• Declaration for genuineness of submitted documents

It will also be required to submit the photocopies all the submitted documents. Appropriate insurance must be obtained and the visa fees of 60 Euros must also be paid, as quoted by the Hot Courses Abroad.

The photographs must be as per the particular requirements specified by the Embassy of Germany. The Embassy offers all the details and specifications for the student visa.

Tips to Clear the Visa Interview for Student Visa Germany:

• Reach the venue minimum 20 minutes prior to the time allotted to you and be confident of the interview day

• All the appropriate documents and their photocopies must be with you. This would include any ID Cards or bills that must be shown

• You must answer all queries with a calm state of mind. Honesty in your answers and focus on coming back to India upon completion of your studies will be a crucial factor in the decision

• Be thankful to the Visa Officer at the conclusion of the interview. Bear in mind that they interview several people each day. Being thankful or pleasant will not hurt anyone

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