Outward Remittance is a service offered by Foreign Exchange company and Banks to Send Money Abroad from India. There are many different Foreign Exchange companies in the market offering International Money Transfer for a different purpose which are permitted by RBI. An Indian citizen can send up to USD 250000 per financial year.
The rates may differ from vendor to vendor and Banks rates are high compared to the Foreign Exchange and one have to personally visit the bank for document verification, nobody wants to stand in a long queue for documentation, Therefore Orient Exchange offers Online Money Transfer with easy documentation process and the rates are comparatively better than other money changers it is easy and safe to Remit Money through Orient in online.

Documents required to Send Money Abroad for Education purpose

If you are going for the first time to your University ( Yet to Travel) then the following documents are required,
Pan card
University offer letter
Ticket( Optional )

For the first time, the fund can be transferred from your parent's account or your personal account if the fund is transferred from your parents account then Pan Card and Aadhar Card of the remitter is mandatory.

If you are already in abroad and want to pay your university fee, your parents can pay on behalf of you through Send Money Abroad services from Foreign Exchange company like Orient Exchange with all the required documents and they are,
Latest fee structure
Visa( Student should be mentioned in the Visa)
Pan Card
Continuation letter from university
Parents Pan Card and Aadhar Card

If you want the amount to be transferred to your university account then the bank details of the university is required along with the offer letter, if it is for your personal account the fund should match with your fee structure and should not exceed it.
Make sure that you have all the documents before reaching out for Money Changers.

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