Does A Man's Penis Grow Throughout His Lifetime: Non Surgical Penis Enlargement

One may observe that people these days are becoming vainer when it comes to changing or improving their body parts. One of the body parts that most men would want to improve are the length of their penises. This is a natural desire because every man wants to make his sexual partner happy with his performance in bed. Now, you would probably be asking how to lengthen your penis?

Actually, methods on how to increase the length of the penis are numerous. There are exercises that you can perform so that you can have a longer penile size that can provide better sexual pleasure to women and make them scream blissfully during lovemaking. There are also products such as supplements, pills, creams, sprays, ointments, and many more that can help in increase the size of men's sex organs.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The purpose of why men would want to have a longer penile size is to allow women to enjoy sex and make every sexual intercourse memorable and worth remembering. For the women, the size of the penis is very important because the longer and the bigger the penis is the better the friction it can produce when it enters the vagina.

Exercises intended for the increase in penis size has been very helpful in men's aim to have longer penile size. These exercises do not only increase the length of the penis, but it also helps men solve impotency and premature ejaculation problems. The exercises that for penile enlargement are able to regulate the blood flow towards the penis and then the enlargement will start.

Experts would even suggest that these exercises should be done as men takes supplements and apply products on their penises to see better and faster results. There are a number of good supplements and penile creams that men can use in their pursuit to have a longer penis that can make women's eyes roll in excitement and moan as they achieve orgasm.

Most of these supplements and creams that can be bought in the market have the ability to allow men to control the moment of their ejaculation so that they can squirt those juices out at the moment when they their women are already satisfied.

There are other means that you can use as answers and solutions to your dilemma on how to lengthen your penis so that women will be attracted to you and would want to have sex with you. A longer penis size is one of the things that you should consider to make women very satisfied with your sexual performance.

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Natural penis enlargement is definitely the healthiest way to get a bigger penis. Unlike popping penis enhancement pills, or pumping your penis for a temporary effect, natural penis enlargement is permanent, healthy and more importantly safe.

So what exactly is safe or natural penis enlargement?

Natural penis enlargement is achieved by exercising the penis over a few weeks. Yes, few weeks is a bit of a drag in terms of time but then it takes time for the healthy methods to work. Like working out at a gym, it would take you a couple of months to get more muscular naturally, you could also do it with steroids and be pumped in a week, but you know better.

Similarly, you have to exercise caution and adopt only the healthiest and natural ways to enhance your penis. While it takes longer than pills or pumps, natural penis enlargement gives you gains that are permanent. Would you rather exercise your penis for a few weeks and be bigger for the rest of your life or take a $10 pill every time you want a bigger penis?

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Here is some information that will help you understand how penis exercises work

The penis is made up of three large chambers that hold blood. There are two chambers at the top called the corpora cavernosa and a chamber at the bottom called the corpus spongiosum. When these chambers fill up with blood, the penis is fully erect. The chambers at the top determine how long your penis is while the chamber at the bottom determines your girth.

Now, in every adult, the penis is smaller than what it can be. This is because the cell walls surrounding these chambers are very thick either due to lack of sexual activity (exercise) or due to weight related problems. Either way, the effects are reversible with penis exercises. The exercises gradually break down these cell walls to more normal levels that in turn increase the size of these chambers. The result is that your chambers are able to hold more blood, thus increasing your penis size. Penis exercises in addition to increasing your size also enhance ejaculation control, sexual stamina and in some cases have even reversed impotence.

While penis exercises were uncommon or even taboo until recently, it is now gaining acceptance after the emergence of medical studies that have shown safe enlargement results. The internet is full of penis exercise programs but it is important that a reputed penis exercise program is followed to achieve safe and effective results.

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Penis Pumps are harmful and dangerous

Penis Pumps are marketed as being able to increase your penis size instantly. Pumps are nothing but useless gadgets that temporarily (only for a few minutes) increase your penis size by forcing increased blood circulation. They do not give you permanent gains. The gains do not last even one hour! While the benefits of penis pumps are almost not existent, take a look at the potential harm they could do below.

1. Risk of blisters

2. Risk of burst capillaries

3. Risk of testicles being sucked into the tube causing abnormal pain!

4. Risk of penis skin being cut on the mouth of the vacuum tube.

5. Risk of Peyronie's disease. Damage to ligaments around penis area

It should be pretty clear to you now to avoid penis pumps at all costs. If you want to make your penis bigger, you should go for natural, safe penis enlargement with exercises that will give you permanent gains.

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Penis Exercises - Best Alternate - Safe and Permanent Gains

1. 6-7 minute penis exercises over a few weeks will make your penis bigger by at least 2+ inches

2. Gains you will get are permanent. Exercises can be stopped after a few weeks and gains will remain forever.

3. Completely safe exercises that actually increase the health of the penis in general, better ejaculation, better sexual stamina etc.

4. Cost of a reputed penis exercise program is a fraction of the cost of pills and pumps.

How do penis exercises work?

The penis is made up of three large chambers. Two chambers at the top and a chamber at the bottom. These chambers fill up with blood and the penis becomes erect. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls. As the penis is the only part of the human body that is not exercised regularly, these cell thicken over time and reduce the size of these chambers, thus restricting or even making your penis small.

Penis exercises gradually break down the cell walls around these chambers in clinically tested safe ways such that the chambers become larger with more normal cell walls. The chambers can hold more blood and thus make the penis larger.

Penis exercises are a much better alternate to pills and pumps and the only method other than surgery to give you permanent, safe gains. Surgery for the common man is completely out of question due to costs but penis exercises are affordable for just about anyone, considering the results it can safely produce.

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It's refreshing to know how easy it is to add a few extra inches to your present penis size. Gone are the days when you have to solely rely on expensive mechanisms and medications to possibly make your male organ grow bigger. In fact, all it takes to realistically increase your penis size is to practise some simple stretching exercises on it, using nothing but your own two hands!

Medical researchers have studied the effectiveness of this ancient art of stretching the male organ in order to effect a positive size transformation. Lo and behold, there is scientific evidence of its capability to turn your small-sized penis into a more respectable and sexually appealing size easily AND permanently.

Doing stretches on your penis brings about a higher flow of blood to your penis and into the blood spaces within it. The more blood you fill these spaces with, the more your penile tissues will expand in size. As a direct result, your penis gradually enlarges and becomes significantly larger than its original feeble length and thickness!

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And what many don't know is that it is perfectly easy to perform the various stretching routines to make it all happen...

It only takes a few minutes (typically 20 minutes each day) to stretch your organ with your hands, in the comfort and privacy of your home or even your room. The routines are also not as complex as you may think it to be either. As an example, here is how simple one of the stretching techniques involved is for you to carry out on your precious member:

1. Start by getting your penis into a semi-erection state

2. Rub a bit of lubricant all over your penile body

3. Use the thumb and forefinger of one hand and grip the base of your shaft

4. Apply a bit of pressure, then move your grip slowly towards your penis head

5. Release your fingers just before you reach the tip of your shaft

6. Relax your organ, then repeat the same routine several more times in a day

There are several other stretching exercises which are as easy to do as the example above, yet they are so effective in either causing your penis to grow longer, gain thickness, or just become physically stronger. Combine all these stretching techniques into a daily schedule, and you will be on your way to finally realizing your wish to be a man who is better endowed than his peers... and for life too!

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