There are always new and better products that claim to have secret and special ingredients that help fix whatever ailment or beauty crisis - and they almost promise to fix it faster than another product. That's why we pay hundreds of dollars on beauty products that claim to have the type of ingredients that you won't find in anything for sale at Walgreens or CVS. Beauty is often synonymous with being flawless - achieving supple and glowing hair and skin. One product that has seemed to really be a part of many regimens is Argan Oil. Also called Moroccan Oil. Argan oil has Omega-6 and Vitamin F, fatty acids that are said to help the skin and hair by healing it - and basically restoring the skin and hair that is dry or damaged. It has also been recommended to heal and restore scars from conditions like acne. It also claims to directly benefit damaged or dry hair by resorting the follicles from root to tip.

This product does not come at a cheap price, however. So, when women are paying up to $50 and sometimes even more on this precious oil - it would be nice to know if it actually does what it claims. Let's take the brand Moroccan Oil. This brand is in hair salons all over the world and is said to strengthen and condition weak and damaged hair - which is true, since so many beauty blogs, hair stylists and fanatics rave about this product. But many think that what is making their hair super smooth in Moroccan Oil is the argan oil - when in fact there is a very small percentage of the oil in there. The main ingredients in Moroccan Oil are Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone, all silicones, pharmaceutical grade - that smooth the hair. Not to mention the lovely scent. But the truth is, pure Argan oil is much more expensive - starting at $50 and going up from there, depending on the brand. So, when using Moroccan Oil, know that most of the conditioning elements of the product, as well as the smell, have little to do with Argan oil - but that is essentially what they are marketing and selling. They are not offering Argan Oil in its purest form. So what you think is Argan Oil that is making your hair smooth and healthy is actually silicone agents. This does not discredit Moroccan Oil and it's ability to strengthen and make hair healthy.

Argan Oil in its purest form is used for many skin and hair ailments and damage. One brand that offers Argan Oil in its purest form is Josie Maran. At $48, their 100% pure Argan Oil can be used for skin, hair and nails (to heal cuticles, for example). When starting to use a new product, especially something like Argan Oil that has been raved about by many, is to do some research before reaching in your pocket for $50. It's important to read the reviews from others who purchased the product - if it worked for what they were trying to achieve and if it was worth the price they paid. Obviously, if you purchase something and it works for what you were trying to fix, it would be worth the money to you. But buying product after product without much knowledge of if it works or not will really add up. With Argan Oil, for example, there are many benefits and more so in the purest form of it - but some products contain a very small percentage of the oil.

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