Astrology and medical science both are extraordinary in discovering the reason for the problem. But when it comes to therapy and therapeutic actions, human feelings come into the picture. That is where the position of psychology comes to be crucial in both medical and astrological science. That is why the medical college syllabus has a patient psychology course as its crucial portion. And a well-off doctor is not that, who can analyze the disease, but the one, who can assure the patient for taking the right therapy. For diagnosis, there are now devices, which have great exactness in identifying the difficulty. So, the doctor’s position has more tilted towards psychological counselling of sufferer with a human touch.

A similar aspect has occurred in astrology moreover. With the beginning of computer software, anybody can bring out the birth chart in seconds. So, the position of astrologer has changed more to psychological counseling of mentally overwhelmed individuals, based on planetary progression.

If simply inquire them not to bother, everything will be OK in x months, they will continue in self-doubt and may not plant the harvest, lend wealth or auction land in shock etc. So, even good rains will come to be unsuccessful. Asking somebody to perform an act proportionate to his financial standard increases his ego and enhances enthusiasm with a belief that good things occurred because they did good stuff on guidance by the astrologer. The same remedy will not work for all 3 individuals, because each has a distinct financial and social standing, so each one was told a distinct remedy.

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Sri Tulasi