One of the most challenging aspects of running a blogging business is being able to maintain the necessary blog posting regiment required to attract traffic. The foundation of any popular blog is the frequent updates that are posted to the site. This is why people visit in the first place and why they keep on returning. This traffic is especially important if yours is an internet marketing blog that relies upon traffic to make money. So what do you do when you find it increasingly difficult to consistently create interesting blog entries to attract and maintain traffic?

Here are 5 suggestions you can use to help 'generate' all the blog entries you will need to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your internet marketing blog.

PLR Articles

Private label rights articles are available all over the internet and are a good way to help you 'create' more content for your internet marketing blog. Caution should be taken however when using this method to 'rework' these articles before you use them. There are countless others online who are also using the same exact articles so you need to be sure yours have some 'uniqueness' about them.

I can not say that I am a big fan of this approach being I personally find reworking theses articles can sometimes take as much effort as writing original content, but that is just me.

Article Directories

Free online article directories are a great source for finding new information that is relevant to your needs. You can use this content 'as is' when posting your blog entries as long as you credit the author. Another angle you can take is to use the 'premise' or 'idea' behind the article to compose something unique and/or original on your own.

RSS Posts

Finding blogs that maintain a relevance to what you wrote about and then subscribing to their RSS feed is another great way to locate new information. The advantage here is that after subscribing, any new updates will 'find their way' into your RSS reader. You have, in essence, created a depot into which this information is dumped for you and this is very convenient and time efficient.

Guest Posting

After a period of time once your site has been live and updated on a consistent basis you will have regular readers who may be interested in writing guest posts. Using the efforts and insights of others is an excellent way to add content to your site. In fact popular blogs normally offer readers varying insights and writing styles which serves to increase reader loyalty.

Reworking Old Articles/Posts

Using some of your old articles or entries you can find plenty material with which you can take a 'new' direction for composing something fresh. There may be topics that you can go into further detail on or perhaps update so that it is more relevant with any new trends or developments.

Consistent and interesting blog posting is what is required to attract and maintain a respectable flow of traffic to your site. If you are in the blogging business to make money the need for consistent traffic is vital to your income. It is however common and expected that your ability to 'churn' out blog entries will be challenged from time to time therefore a contingency plan needs to be in place. The 5 suggestions reviewed above help you to locate both sources and people whose content can help keep your readers satisfied even when your creative juices are running low. These varying sources also help to introduce new perspectives, attitudes and variety into your updates which is critical to maintaining a popular blog.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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