We all hear about blogging to make money and how it will change your lifestyle but the fact is blog marketing requires a certain type personality. Maintaining a money making blog requires a lot of patience and perseverance by the site owner. The blog building process is not something that occurs overnight because it takes time and commitment to gain the loyalty of readers. On top of this the blogging business can be very competitive so you are obviously going to need to possess certain attributes in order to be successful.

Let's look at 7 key attributes a blogger will need if they intend to successfully create and maintain a money making blog.

Communication Skills

Having the ability to interact with others and clearly make your points is an absolute necessity in the blog building process. Furthermore you must genuinely enjoy doing this since the process can take quite a long time. These skills are something you will be using ALL the time since these sites are 'rooted' in socializing.


Whatever you choose to base your theme on it is best that you posses an unbridled passion for it since you will be writing a lot about it. This passion will make your 'work' seem more like play and your content more interesting because readers will see and feel the passion in what you produce.


Posting fresh and current content is an important part of the blog building process. This will involve doing a lot of research therefore you will need to have an inquisitive nature and the enthusiasm to continue learning. Curiosity may have killed the cat but a lack of it can kill a blogger as well.

Time Management Skills

Managing a money making blog will require a lot of your time and it will be devoted to several key areas. Product presentations, learning, research, reader interaction and other chores concerning site maintenance will place quite a demand on your time. You will need to be good at using your time wisely and effectively.

Thick Skinned

There will be times some of your readers may leave comments that are not flattering so get use to it. You can not please everybody therefore take the criticism and use it constructively by learning from it. On the bright side at least you know somebody is paying attention to what you are posting.


Do not expect to see overnight results from your efforts since gaining the loyalty of people will take time. They first will need to find your site and then they will need to gain an interest in what you post. After that it is up to you to consistently supply quality information and only then will people become loyal to your site. Obviously patience will be a very important ally for you.

Self Motivated

As a blogger you will mainly work alone and there will be times you may be 'tempted' to slack off. With nobody around to encourage you on, you will need to be very self-motivated, especially when the results are slow at materializing.

Blogging to make money can be very lucrative but it is not without its challenges. The blog building process will test your patience and commitment. In addition to this you will need to interact with your readers to help increase their level of satisfaction along with your chances of success. Blog marketing is a balance of utilizing your writing and socialization skills along with a certain 'flair' for promoting as well. With all that said you can see how the blogging business can be a very challenging occupation. There is obviously a need for certain personality traits such as the 7 mentioned above which will help to contribute significantly to your success. If you possess these traits and a passion for what it is you want to focus your blogging business on then you will be off to a very strong and promising start.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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