In the digital age, it is almost impossible not to spend several hours a day in front of a screen, whether mobile devices or computers. A high percentage of users who use this equipment complains about some kind of visual discomfort after use.
Problems of this type affect both people with healthy vision and those with some visual pathology, how does this happen?
Cell phones, computers, tablets, and other technological equipment with screens, emit light, but not any light, blue light that emits more energy and a shorter wavelength than lights of other colors.

Does computer light damage your visio

How does blue light affect vision?

Vision problems in the past were associated with the aging process, nowadays it is common to see children wearing glasses from an early age. The blue light cannot be filtered by the cornea and the lens, so it passes to the retina. It produces an alteration of the macular cells and generates changes at the level of the crystalline in an attempt to block its passage.

It is estimated that on average people of working age and young adults, spend up to 14 hours a day in front of mobile devices. In order for the digital information to be visible, high frequency to flickering occurs to keep the images on the screen. Our eyes are under a lot of pressure to keep up with flickering of the screen which causes the blinking rate to decreases furthermore causing dry strained eyes.

Most frequent symptoms of eyestrain from computer use

These symptoms describe what is known clinically as Computer Visual Syndrome (CVS), which encompasses a series of visual and non-visual clinical manifestations directly linked to the use of electronic devices.

Does computer light damage your visio

Ocular symptoms

● Eye pain
● Eye redness
● Burning sensation

Visuals symptoms

● Difficulty focusing (blurred vision)
● Eyestrain
● Light sensitivity
● Tearing

Systemic symptoms

● Headaches and neck
● Vertigo
● Shoulder and back pains
● Pain in hands and wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome. (2)

5 Solutions to alleviate these visual problems

1. Blue filter lenses

The blue rays from the devices are damaging to the eyes so wearing blue filter lenses to block away harmful high energy lights is very important. Your eye doctor can help you to get the best prescription for these blue filter lenses so your eyes are at a relaxed state with given working distance.

2. Good lighting

The work area or where you are going to use these devices must have good lighting, one of the factors that worsen the symptoms are to use this equipment in places with low lighting or places with too much lighting. Low light causes your eyes to dilate to receive more light which causes high energy lights to emit into your eyes. High light conditions can cast a lot of glares on the screen which discomfort your vision. An adequate lighting condition is essential to alleviate some of the visual problems.
3. Adequate distance
When using the phone or tablet, do it so that the top of the screen is at eye level, in this way the viewing angle is not forced and also take care of your neck. As we age, some working distance can be stressful to your eyes since as we age we slowly lose strength in focusing. Consult with your eye doctor to find out the best prescription for your working distance.

4. Ergonomics for office work

The computer should be located at an approximate distance of 50 to 100 cm from your eyes to the monitor, with a screen position that prevents you from lowering your head excessively, the brightness should be reduced as much as possible, this decreases notably the emission of light from the computer.

5. Rule of 20/20/20

It has become popular over the years and is as simple as it is effective. It consists of a 20-second break for every 20 minutes and you must look at 20 feet away, the purpose of this is to allow the eyes to rest. Another option is to stop your activity for about 5 minutes, get up, take a few slow breaths, open and close your eyes slowly and make slow movements of your head and shoulders, this will not only help reduce visual fatigue but will allow you to continue your activity with a better mood and performance.

Consult with your optometrists

Consult with our optometrists for more detailed information and recommendations about this problem. Visual health is an important element in our lives and is a working instrument, it values its importance in your life.
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