Many of us who want to gain big muscle and take creatine supplement have a common question in our mind. The common question is "Is there a linking between of taking creatinine supplement and losing hair?” In this article, we'll find out the answer of the question.

I know you are spending a lot of time on the internet to know the exact truth. Because you don't want to lose your hair as well as you want to build big muscle. However, a small study of rugby players tell us there is a connection between taking creatine and losing hair. Ok, let me clear you the study was implemented by only 20 rugby players and they take 25 grams of creatine per day (the recommended dose is 5 grams per day). So, obviously the study was not appropriate. You'll understand by reading the full article is creatine cause hair loss or not?

What is actually creatine?

Creatine is nothing but a most widely researched body building supplement that can get from animal products like red meat naturally. It is scientifically proved that, creatine works for increased strength, muscle and athletic performance. It helps your muscles produce energy during high intensity exercise such as weight lifting. It is very similar to amino acids and can even be produced from them.

There are different types of creatine you can get in the market. They have different prices and different effects. Among them creatine monohydrate is very cheap. However, the common of effects of creatine are water retention. So, if you have kidney problem you should not take the supplement. Others possible effects can be muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, dehydration etc. But all of them can't be seen in an individuals at a time. It may don't see in you.

Is there any strong scientific evidence of causing hair loss by creatine?
If I say the answer of this question in a word you don't understand and somebody don't believe. So, lets me clear the actual fact. We need to go back in the past in 2009. In this year a clinical journal of sport medicine first time publish that creatine cause hair loss. They studied just 20 rugby players just over 3 weeks by applying high dose of creatine that was 25 grams per day where the typical recommended dose is 5 grams per day.

After completing their study they found that creatine may increase the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is general view that DHT can cause the hair loss. So, this study partially not exactly proved that creatine cause hair loss.

In conclusion what we can say?
As a whole, we can say that we should believe is science instead of overwhelming of people's word. Scientifically it is not proved that creatine has the cause of hair loss. There is no hard scientific evidence linking hair loss and creatine supplement.
To conclude, research hasn't shown that creatine directly causes hair loss, but more research is needed in this area.

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