Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Men suffering from diabetes have higher chances of becoming impotent or risk suffering from erectile dysfunction especially when they can’t control diabetes. People suffering from ED (Erectile dysfunction) have weak erections not enough to enjoy coitus.

About 60% of the male population suffers from short-term ED episodes. However, one of ten men suffers from prolonged ED.

What Causes ED?

Both psychological and physical factors can cause erectile dysfunction, some of the most prevalent conditions include:

● Excessive alcoholic consumption
● Several types of surgical procedures
● Nervousness, stress, and anxiety
● Poor health
● Several types of medications
● Cigarette smoking
● Low testosterone levels

Psychological ED causes: If you fail to achieve an erection or have a weak erection and during nighttime or morning you reach a full erection, the problem might be psychological.

Physical ED causes: Physical ED takes cause over a period of months or years. A gradual process that takes a toll on the body especially if you are not taking care of yourself.

The Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes
Scientists have yet to tell us why men suffering from diabetes also suffer from ED. However, we know that without having better control of the disease (diabetes) is the top reason.

In the long term, mismanagement of one’s health results in increased nerve damage and circulation which controls and regulates blood flow into the penis. When blood glucose levels are maintained within normal ranges, the chances of suffering from ED reduce.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

ED treatment is dependent on the cause. If you have diabetes, it's best that you talk with your doctor to establish the extent of the cause.

You will be required answer several questions that will help the physician to determine whether the ED cause is psychological or physical.

Further tests are conducted to determine whether blood flowing to the penis gets affected. Blood tests are also used to clarify whether hormone problems cause the erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There are different ED treatment alternatives. Start by discussing your treatment options with your physician. Some of the treatment options are as follows:
Physical causes: There are several kinds of treatments, they are however administered according to the physical cause. Vacuum devices, medication, and surgical procedures are administered if the problem relates to poor blood supply or nerve damage.

Psychological Causes: Stress is the biggest psychological cause of ED. Counseling and behavioral therapy are two medical practices used to heal the predicament.

Women, and Diabetes

Women diagnosed with diabetes will often complain about vagina lubrication impairments and can’t be aroused due to nerve damage. The nerve damage causes blood flow disruptions.

If you suspect that your diabetes is affecting your sexuality, consult with your doctor first before taking any action. Tests will reveal the nature of your cause and what steps to take.

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