What do we mean when we talk about social change? How does it influence the society? Does it really help in developing a good relationship with others? When we discuss about social change we actually mean the changes in the relationship of people directly or indirectly dependent on each other in the society. A fact that has been exposed by the Americans is that an uncontrolled social change can fetch a serious problem.

A social change is far dissimilar from cultural or change of civilization as it actually comes in a particular time. Changes in Culture and civilization are the outcome of social change only. Social change always takes place in society and community because society means the whole relations of any group. Social change is a procedure, not a product and it cannot be spotted apart from the changing balance of the present relationships.

biggest changes come into society through education. In fact, education policy in the past has been developed within the national context. Be it global warming or depletion of earth resources or recession or any conflict between countries, the ultimate solution comes only with the help of education. Today’s human life is based on education hence educational society improve everything and your mind setup that is boost your personality .

Education has always contributed to increase wakefulness and to resolve the problems that are related to society. Education helps to bring social change to connect with theory at the level of cultural impact and policy implication. Today education plays the most vital role as an instrument of social change and even for the development of the society. Social change mostly occurs when human beings when the existing network of social institutions fails to succeed in meeting the existing human needs and when new resources suggest better ways of fulfilling the human needs.

Social change occurs as a reaction to many phases of changes that happen in the social and non- social situation. Education can bring social changes by making a change about the changes in point of view and approach of people. Education has the capability to bring change in the social relationships even. Earlier, educational institutions and educators used to give an idea about truth to the students, that education was more of social control than a tool of social change. The former style of education was meant for a rigid society. Whereas, now it has changed a lot because education in the present times aims at spreading knowledge and is also associated with religion.

Education has always been used as an instrument in the growth of science and technology. It has carried noticeable changes in every phase of men’s life. It is education only which gives a support of confidence to the people to take initiative in the development process of the society. The difference between a society with education and without it can be easily understood. From ages, education has been valued more than money. It is said that, if a man is educated, then he can win any war.

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