If you have tried every diet there is and still cannot seem to lose weight, you may be tempted to resort to unhealthy dieting habits. Fasting is an extreme diet that is commonly used to lose weight. Fasting for weight loss involves not eating for a period of time. This is not a healthy way to diet because your body does not get the nutrients it needs. One of the best ways to start losing weight is to use a non-diet approach.

When people are fasting for weight loss they resort to not eating in order to achieve their goals. This is done in several ways. Some people fast by not eating for several days and then eating healthy foods for several days. Others may use an enema along with fasting to fully clean out the system. Many times this is done prior to starting a diet. People who fast before a diet believe the cravings will be reduced if their system is cleansed first. Dieting in this fashion may allow you to get the weight off quickly, but it is unhealthy and will not allow for permanent weight loss.

Dieters that use fasting for weight loss will ultimately end up gaining the weight back. This is because the lost pounds normally consist of lost water weight and not substantial weight loss. When we fast to lose weight, we are denying our body the food and nutrients that it needs. Our body will then begin to take what it needs by slowing down our metabolism. Then when you begin to eat again, the food does not metabolize as quickly. Your body wants and needs certain foods. When you do not provide your body with these foods, the cravings will just increase.

By using the non-diet approach you can easily lose weight in a healthy manner. This approach to dieting works by developing a relationship with your body in order to begin eating what it needs . Once you have a relationship with your body, you are tuned into its needs. Allow it to tell you when you are hungry and full. This knowledge will allow you to eat based on necessity instead of emotions or boredom.

Fasting does allow people to lose weight quickly. When you stop eating, your body drops some pounds in the beginning. However, this is not the healthiest way to lose weight. Once you start eating again, your lowered metabolism will actually cause you to gain weight. A non-diet approach to weight loss is a healthier way to achieve your goals.

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