Websites, blogs or any other social media platform is considered a lively entity on the internet. The updates or upgrades on any online platform instantly catches Google attention and makes it into the Google search engine ranking. In this way, the internet helps to make significant interaction between the visitors, customers and search engines. Internet runs through an advanced algorithm with artificial intelligence technology.

However, if an online platform is not up to date and not have much to view to the audience, then it would end up as dead. The search engine would not display it on top results if the website did not have anything new to offer.

However, if anyone who has experience in digital marketing or Search Engine Optimisation would have an idea about the importance of content. Digital marketers often regard the term” Content is the King”. The fresh content is the key player to keep the websites attentive and attractive. Here are some primary reasons that support the idea of new content important for SEO:

1. Content Leading to Loyalty:
Internet user, visitors and customers value content. They rely on diffident websites and online platform for engaging, relevant and updated knowledge. If the website or online platform are rationalised with the latest content and user savvy information, the user will turn into potential visitor for your site. They would come up to your rig for the most recent updates. However, the website is not updated on time and have delays in uploading the relevant content; then loyalty will just become disparity.

2. Frequent Updating:
Internet users are always accessing a variety of websites from a different part of the world. To achieve higher target audience engagement and search engine ranking essential to update the site to a great extent. The digital platform should have a timely update of the fresh content that helps to boost its internet visibility and get it into higher search engine ranking.

3. Bots indexing New content:
The first rated search engine is known as the Google search engine. It helps to optimize the ranking with the help of fresh content. The Google functions through an efficient “GoogleBot” which work on advance algorithm looking for new content on different websites. The GoogleBot and Web Crawlers instantly identify new content and index in the topmost search ranking.

4. User-friendly Content:
Google certainly has particular Search engine optimization rules to index website on top. However, the sites are operated by experts that try to surpass Google to be on top. On the other hand, Google counters it with a complex algorithm that works according to user navigation or search patterns. GoogleBot and Web Crawlers eliminate all the irrelevant website and only bring the sites on top search having diverse and fresh content to publish.

5. Playing With organic Keywords:
Keywords are the key players in attracting the search engines attention. The keywords help to capture the attention in search engine optimisation to a great extent. The keywords are the only factor to help with indexing. However, this trick becomes inefficient these days because of stuffing. The stuffing of the keyword would not do any better to the search engine ranking. On the other hand, publishing or updating the content on daily basis would help to integrate organic keywords creating many opportunities for growth.

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