Many of the morals and principles that we live by throughout our life were ingrained in us by our parents when we were young. Among other things, parents are largely responsible for building the character of their children. They are our role models. Children are sponges—they absorb all that they see, hear, and feel.

When I was a child my mother used to tell me that, although she was a good and honest person and wanted me to be the same, it didn’t pay to be that way. She said that dishonest and conniving people are the ones who get ahead in this world. I might note that I received many other mixed messages growing up.

Though I was young, somehow I knew in my heart and my soul that her perspective was wrong, I just didn’t understand why. But as I observed the world around me, it often appeared that she was right. That was a very confusing message for me to process. For one thing, my mother was deeply observant and faithful to the Jewish religion. She expected her children to be the same, tolerated nothing less from us. But I had to wonder, did my mother actually have faith in God, or was she observing Judaism by rote and programming? Who was this God I was supposed to be praying to?

By the time I was a young adult I had dismissed the concept of a higher power, and became fascinated with guys who were crafty and manipulative. I never strayed from my personal wholesome, honest convictions, and always found myself trying to corral the rebellious behavior of the objects of my affection. I wanted them to be better people, but that effort never paid off. Still I admired their cunning ways. It seemed that those kinds of people were the movers and shakers of this world. Ironically, my mother despised them all.

I don’t want to stray too far from the focus of this article. I explain much of my tumultuous life in detail in my memoir, Fine…ly. My article, “How I Found Faith,” discusses the path I took to spiritual awakening. The point that I am trying to make is that what we see with our eyes is not always the truth. Even our experiences can be deceiving. We often think that people who do bad things in this life and don’t get caught have gotten away with it, that maybe it doesn’t pay to be a good person. Let me state now with the utmost conviction: that is merely an earthbound illusion.

We are spiritual beings who are writing indelibly in the everlasting book of our eternal soul. Nothing goes unnoticed by God or The Universe. Anyone who thinks that they have gotten away with a bad deed should reconsider and make amends. We should never deceive ourselves into believing that if we perform the rituals of a particular faith, but do not live an exemplary life, that our bad deeds will ultimately be ignored or erased.

I must have always known intuitively that this is true, even though I was young and not in touch with the reasons why. Now that I can explain it, I feel compelled to share the truth, as I know it, with others.

The truth is that goodness always prevails.

Love Always,


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Randi Fine is a native of Baltimore, Maryland who has been living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida since 2005. She has two adult children: a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, and she has been married to a wonderful man for 22 years.

Her lifetime thirst for artistic, creative expression led her in 2008 to the challenge of writing her memoir, Fine…ly: My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny. During the two year process of navigating through the unfamiliar waters of authorship, she discovered for the first time that she truly had a passion for writing. She now devotes herself to writing full-time from her home. By sharing her wealth of experiences, insights, and lessons, she aspires to offer hope, compassion, and understanding to those who searching for answers.

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