Some people in debt look at an IVA to be a homogeneous product, a debt solution that will be handled the same way irrespective of who they choose to appoint to help them. Evidence from online reviews and IVA forums suggests that this view is far from accurate. A careful choice of IVA advice, and an acknowledgement that a variety of Individual Voluntary Arrangement providers exist, is essential for anyone deciding their IVA options.

Many people become aware of the Individual Voluntary Arrangement option thanks to advertisements on TV, the radio and in newspapers. These adverts tend to be placed by the biggest IVA providers which are sometimes known within the sector as "IVA factories". This name has been acquired due to the concentration on workflow and efficiencies within these big businesses. Critics of this Individual Voluntary Arrangement business model suggests that an IVA is far too personal of a matter to rely on several contacts within a large call centre-based operation. Such critics imply that a more personal service and relationship may be preferable during a time of difficulty and worry. Another issue is the potential lack of access to the Insolvency Practitioner themselves who may be busy handling many cases.

Mid-sized IVA providers’ main focus is only on client debt Individual Voluntary Arrangement cases but as they are a lot smaller than "IVA factories", hence they may be able to offer the potential for enhanced service. Another benefit is as the company is small, there will be a single contact maintained for consumers during an IVA and can make certain that access to the Insolvency Practitioner is available which is important as they are the decision makers in the procedure. The single contact lowers the chances of giving the wrong information to individual's and misunderstandings are also reduced.

Combined accountancy practices also offer the Individual Voluntary Arrangement option to clients. Such practices make use of an Insolvency Practitioner to manage IVA cases but also concentrate on usual areas of accountancy work such as tax and audit services. Very much like the mid-sized Individual Voluntary Arrangement specialists, these companies will often deliver a better level of service and Insolvency Practitioner access than the Individual Voluntary Arrangement factories. A potential disadvantage of using such a business is that their lack of specialism may denote they are behind on developments of importance to the successful establishment of an IVA.

Some much smaller companies, sometimes a lone Insolvency Practitioner (perhaps with limited administrative support) also offer consumers Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice and services. Many such individuals in fact specialise in business recovery rather than private debt advice. The qualifications exist with these individuals to provide Individual Voluntary Arrangement services, but a lack of specialism and staff support may affect case achievement and service level provision for clients.

Individual voluntary arrangements are “introduced” by many within the debt help industry. From their considerately wriiten advertisements, it may be difficult to be aware that these companies do not directly provide an Individual Voluntary Arrangement for a person who is in debt. However IVA introducers are able to give guidance and can help direct those inviduals to different debt solutions if an Individual Voluntary Arrangement isn't an good option for them. Whereas they are not all capable of providing educated and qualified advice to individuals and can also charge an upfront fees that is not usually required. It is suggested to all the readers, that an upfront fees should not be paid as it is a waste of time and money, An individual should choose to go to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement provider rather than wasting their time by paying an upfront fee.

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