Getting dumped is never easy. It can really leave you feeling shaken and at a loss for how to handle your life. After all, our relationships are one of the most important things we have and when they simply disappear, they can leave you feeling lost and alone.

So what do you do to help deal with that heartbreak?

Have you ever heard of something called the No Contact Rule? If you’ve done even a little bit of research, you probably have stumbled across this idea at least once.

In case you don’t know what it is, you essentially just cut off all contact with your ex for at least one month (there are a few different variations to it, but this is the most common).

Anyway, the No Contact Rule is important because it can really speed up your recovery. Think about it for a minute. Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything might actually be okay and you feel like you might be able to pull through this break up in one piece? But then, you run into your ex and she tells about how she has a new boyfriend (who just so happens to be richer, more fun, and better-looking than you)?

It can send you spiraling back down into self-doubt and misery.

Why subject yourself to that? Why make all that progress, only to get shoved back down into feeling horrible?

Do yourself a favor and cut contact with your ex for the time being. You can always get back in touch with her after you’ve had the appropriate amount of time to heal and get to the point where you feel strong enough in your own emotions that you won’t be shaken by such things any more.

So, after you cut contact with your ex, the next month or so is entirely time for you. Use this time to heal the wounds from the break up, grieve the loss of your relationship, and rebuild your own sense of self-esteem and self confidence. There isn’t really a road map for the month. Just do whatever you feel you need to do to pull yourself back up onto your feet.

Break ups can be difficult to go through, but you don’t need to make them even more challenging by subjecting yourself to the back and forth dance of healing and then reopening the wounds. Just take some time to heal by using the No Contact Rule.

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