Does Marriage Work After Separation: If Your Spouse Moves Out, Does It Mean That Your Marriage Is Over

Even if it seemed like a good idea at first, a separation and divorce is rarely an easy fix for relationship problems. Sure, it can be exciting at first, to think about new beginnings and leaving the past behind you. But when the reality of a separation hits you, it's also natural to think maybe you want to make your marriage work after all. Here's how to tell if your marriage can survive a separation.

1. Have you crossed the line of no return? Have you said things to each other that you can't take back? If you have, then it might be harder for your marriage to survive a separation. Even if you or your spouse can get past the things that were said and done, the damage might be irreparable in the end. You need to be honest with each other and see if you can work through these problems and stay together.

2. Does your spouse want to make it work? If your spouse doesn't want to make your marriage work, or if it was your spouse that said they wanted a separation, of course it will be harder to save your marriage. It doesn't mean that it's impossible, but you will have to pick up the slack that your spouse is leaving behind. This means you have to pull out all of the stops and really do everything you can to make it work. Consider all of the things you can change on your own to show your spouse that you want to save your marriage. But don't forget to make yourself happy too -- don't make the reconciliation all about what your spouse wants.

3. Are you still arguing? The point of a separation is to use it as a cooling off period so that you can both decide whether or not you want to stay in the marriage. If the two of you are still arguing, it can be both a good and bad sign. If you want to survive the separation, you will need to create new patterns in your relationship. You need to relate to each other in a different way so that you can work through your problems successfully in the future. The good news is that there are still feelings between you or you wouldn't be arguing. The bad news is that you will have to figure out how to move past your problems if you want to stay together.

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When you are single, romance is beautiful and exciting. You spend time together with your love interest and find it hard not to do things together. However, when marriage comes around the bend, romance can become a thing of the past as we slip into the boring routine of life.

Work, children and bills are some of the things that can destroy romance in a marriage. Husband and wife are so busy with life and unknowingly kick romance to the curve. There are ways to protect romance in a marriage and even have a happier life in the end. Here are 3 wonderful ways to return romance to your marriage.

Remain in Love

Never stop showing affection to your spouse. If you do, the relationship might resemble a friendship. And you might start to regard each other as roommates rather than husband and wife. Kiss when you want to leave the house instead of saying 'goodbye'. Try to return home extending your arms for a hug or smooch rather than a 'hello'. If you care, let your love show. Never hold back or think it is cheesy to show your affection even after you have had kids or grown grey-haired.

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Spend Time Together

Another outstanding way to return romance to your marriage is to spend time together. Never say you do not have time for each other. You had time before you got married. So you should create quality time with your partner in marriage. Spending time together, does not always mean you must be outdoors and spend money. You could also stay indoors, watch a movie or even play a board game. The important thing is to have fun and regain that romantic feel that existed before you walked down the aisle.

Retain Interest

Retaining interest in your partner before a marriage was not really a problem. But with marriage comes a set of distractions that make you think less of your significant other. Try to show your partner, your thoughts and actions have not changed despite all the happenings and changes around you.

Show your spouse even though you might be caught up in the hectic schedule of daily routine, you are still the same loving and caring person in marriage.

This wonderful way returns romance to marriage and makes it easy for spouses to communicate better.

Marriages can remain fresh and exciting if you work towards it. These are wonderful ways to return the spark to a dying marriage. So remain in love, find time to spend together and always show interest in your spouse and this can go a long way.

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Have you recently asked yourself the question "How do I get my husband back?" Even if you only feel like your husband has left you emotionally, this can be a devastating discovery. You've been together for years, and yet you now feel like you're all alone. I know exactly how his this feels, as I went through my own, personal drama with my hubby.

I firmly believe the main reason a man and a woman fall in love--and want to be together forever--is that they form a very special emotional connection. It's so special that it's hard to put words to it, and it's unique to every relationship. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that really hits home when you feel like you've lost it. And that's at the center of why you feel like you've lost your husband.

But you can get him back, just like I did. First of all, I got my husband back by realizing that our special connection was based on all of our unique interests, and being interested in all sorts of little things about each other. For instance, I love shopping and going on double-dates with friends, while he loves to work on his "man projects" in the garage, and watch his favorite sports teams (mostly alone) on TV while guzzling on an ice, cold beer. While we never did all of these things together in the past, we at least did some of them, and asked each other about them on a regular basis.

Basically, we lost touch by not practicing the "art of showing interest". Not only that, but every day that went by, I just felt more and more that it wasn't up to me to solve this problem. No, it was up to him to to revive our relationship. Maybe you are feeling the same thing right now.

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Well guess what? I am here to tell you that you need to be the bigger person at this stage in your relationship. It was a bit tough at first to snap out of it, but that's what I did. The details do matter. Without even thinking about bringing up shopping and double-dates right away, I started asking him (in a nice way) about those man projects in the garage on a regular basis. This was the first time I mentioned anything in over 6 months! At first, he was just surprised and thought it was weird. But I kept at it, and I noticed he would start to crack a smile, and would even show some passion when he described some of his cherished, long-term woodworking projects. This was great!

As for his sports watching, he knows I don't I care about that stuff, and he really does enjoy watching it alone. But I've started to offer some snacks, like baking him some cookies or making a homemade dip for chips. Again, he was surprised and thought it was a little weird at first. But he really loves these little gestures of love.

And the kicker is that after a month or so of his, he finally started to show interest in my hobbies! He actually asked going to the mall with me to "look around". Granted, I know it's never been his favorite thing to do. But this really meant so much to me. I truly felt that our special emotional connection was back, and I was getting my husband back.

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Picture this scene. Your kid just stuck his hand in the cookie jar and you, the mother, scolds him for doing it. He then runs to daddy and tells him that mommy won't let me have a cookie, she's being mean. The kid then looks in his father's eyes with that puppy dog look and finally the father, when the mother isn't looking, sneaks into the cookie jar and gives his son a cookie. The son smiles and runs off to his room with his victory snack.

Sound familiar? It should. It happens all the time. Maybe not with cookies, but ultimately something is going to come up where either mommy or daddy say no and the kid runs off to the other parent for the yes that he's looking for. Many times it will probably be something like wanting to go out and play with this friends. Mom says it's too close to dinner and dad says it's okay as long as he's not out too long. That's when the stare from mom could burn a hole right through dad's head.

And even though we know that it's going to lead to nothing but trouble, we still let our kids get away with this manipulation. Why? Well, you'd need a team of psychiatrists to figure that out. Having said that, we're going to take a crack at some answers. But please check with your local head shrinker for some definitive answers, if he even has them.

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One reason we allow our kids to do this is simply for our kids love and approval. The worst thing we, as a parent, can hear from our children are the words "I hate you". We know in our hearts that they don't really mean it, but we don't like hearing it just the same. We're afraid that if we say no enough times we will indeed lose our children's love. So when our spouse says no and we're given the chance to say "yes", this makes it so that we can score some points with our children. Hopefully, if we get enough points over time, we'll have our child's love forever. Another reason we do this, unfortunately, is to get back at our spouse for something they did. This is very common during a time when you and your spouse are having an argument.

Often this results in us doing what we can to strike back. What better way to do this than to say yes to our child after they've just been given a firm no from our partner? Not only do we score points with our child but we also take a shot at the person we're not getting along with at the moment. And then there's always the possibility that we're just not as strong as our spouse. We know that our spouse is right, that the "no" answer is the appropriate one at the time, but we just love our kid so much and hate so much for him or her to be disappointed, not even thinking of our own feelings, that we give in, just to bring a smile to their face. After all, there is so much pain and suffering in the world. Why add to it?

The above may or may not be reasons we let our kids manipulate us. But the fact still remains, they do.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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