Recently, I listened to a Neil Patel podcast. He and his partner, Larry Sui, maintained that in order to be a good salesperson, you need to believe you can be successful.

In other words, mindset is everything.

Skeptical, I took to Instagram.

I polled Instagrammers and asked them if mindset made for success.

Instagrammers said, “no.”

A difference in opinion!

Let’s look at the personas of two people I know that make their living in sales, a female and a male, and see if mindset matters.


This talented freelance writer was left an estate by a deceased relative with real estate and principal.

She sold the real estate and is living on her inheritance.

I asked her what she planned to do: Continue to drain her inheritance or get employment.

She told me she was confident that if she needed she could go to Fiverr to get freelance work.

If you are familiar with Fiverr, you know it is a famous company full of freelancers. Here is a Fiverr review if you aren’t familiar with Fiverr:

Did you notice the important word in what I wrote?

The word is “confidence.”

Let’s look at Persona #2: A male businessman.

After decades of working in the restaurant industry, this retired businessman found himself the business manager of an online company.

In the two years since he began, he has boosted the firm’s profit by 62%.

When asked why he believed he’d be a success at promoting an online business to the point it could be a financial success, he responded, “The absolutely most important thing from my standpoint is I have to believe in the product.” If I feel it’s as good as I say it is, I can be successful because the product would sell itself.

A salesman must believe in the product or people would see right through it that it is all just words.”

Therefore, the response of the male I interviewed indicated he agreed with Patel and Sui: the mindset of the entrepreneur does indeed play a factor in whether a business can be a success.

The male respondent was first a business owner and then a business manager.

Let’s examine the question from the perspective of the employee.

As someone who publishes entrepreneur tips, I am frequently sent articles for publication by contributors about the mindset of the employee.

The articles agree that mindset matters and explain how to boost employee morale so they will be successful at their jobs.

The articles recommend even a small note of thanks from the employers to boost job performance.

Let’s talk about influencers who boost the sales of companies. Brands pay influencers for promotion.

Do the influencers believe in the product they are advertising? Concerned they were losing credibility, brands started paying influencers with products and insisting the product be used in the photos.

More background information on this situation can be found here:

What do you believe?

Does the mindset matter?

On the other hand, does experience matter?

If they both play a part in the success of sales, which matters more?

I look forward to your opinions.

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