Do you sometimes have the feeling that bad luck just follows you around? Are you convinced that the life you dream of can never be yours? Are you resigned to the limits in your life?

A proven process of using Empowered Living Tools can help you see how you are creating your own luck all the time, and how to change it from bad to good.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

This system is not about self-blame or judgment, it’s about seeing life in a different way. Each of us is creating our own reality all the time. What you believe in is what manifests in your life. If you believe that life is hard, life will be hard. If you believe that money is scarce, you will experience scarcity. So what if you believed that life is good, full of satisfaction and joy?

“It isn’t that easy,” you may be saying. “I can’t just think up a happier relationship or a better-paid job. Or can I?”

Believing in the Positive

Try thinking about how you are feeling right now about any given subject: job, relationship, children, whatever. Are your thoughts mostly negative? Do you feel tired just thinking about it? That’s okay. Get in touch with how you feel; let those feelings surface so you can experience and accept them. Do they have to be true?

Turning Around Your Thinking

Once you’ve defined and accepted the feelings you have, you can begin to make them different. You can do this by setting Intentions. For example, if you and your spouse fight about money, set the Intention of having a calm, rational conversation about money instead. Repeat your intention in your head. Say it out loud. Hold it in your mind. And when the time comes, notice how the conversation goes differently from previous conversations.

Noticing Your Successes

Noticing how the conversation went differently is an important part of the process. Be open to these Positive Evidences. Expect them. Whenever you set an Intention, expect to see Positive Evidences that your Intention is being Manifested. Expect your “luck” to change for the better. Every time you experience a Positive Evidence, it reinforces that the process really is working for you. Stay open to the possibilities, set positive Intentions, notice Positive Evidences, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

This process can work for you in any area of your life: job, relationships, family life, community; you can set Intentions and find Positive Evidences in every aspect of your life every day. We’re all in this life together, all part of Spirit. and the more closely you can align your thinking with the vibrational energy of Spirit, the more abundance and joy you will experience. The more positive your thinking, the higher the vibration of your energy. And managing your energy, bringing it to that higher level, is at the core of what you can achieve through this process.

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