Long ago were the days when all sorts of audio and video content were distributed to television networks, or you had to go to the video store and try out all the latest videos you missed in the movie theatres.

Most of our entertainment content has recently been delivered via OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hot Star, and Disney+. The spectrum for Streaming has now become highly competitive. The biggest issue with the streaming services listed above is paying services. So only a few people can afford it for monthly subscriptions and some cannot.

This is where Moviebox came into fame and affluence. Which has become very popular and used by many customers?

What is Moviebox?

Moviebox is a great app built for people who can't afford streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and many more that pay for monthly subscriptions. Moviebox is developed and designed to stream online videos that allow users to watch TV shows and other forms of video categories for free. This is available for both Android and IOS users, and the Moviebox offers all sorts of genres and works on your laptop or TV as well.

Moviebox uses peer-to-peer methods to access all types of movies and TV shows. You must install a VPN on your device. Since the Moviebox service is not legal, your IP will be controlled by government agencies. The video streaming service combines a variety of different torrent clients and websites to download video content and to create a vast range of TV series and movie shows.

Movie box Services:

● It is free and easy to use.
● It can download videos in full HD resolution.

These are the device supported by this Moviebox app:

● iPhone
● Link to Firestick
● Link to Smart TVs
● Link to Windows-enabled devices and so on

This is free of advertising, so you can enjoy your favorite video content without advertisements.
The offline option is provided.
Users can receive notifications, news from the latest TV shows, cartoons, and movies updated every minute.

Is Moviebox illegal?

In reality, yes, Moviebox is illegal. Since you're streaming TV show/movie material without the real owner's consent. It does not have the right to transmit copyright content to the owner without the permission of the owner. Users should also bear in mind that the fact that Moviebox has no dealings with the service and that they are not responsible for the security risks that have arisen when the customer is using the service.


Moviebox is one of the popular third-party video streaming services that delivers a lot of film content to users at no cost. We all know that Moviebox isn't legal. It allows users to download illegal video content. But since Moviebox is continuously rising and used by millions of customers.

The other video streaming services that pay for monthly subscriptions such as Netflix and many other sites have become weak due to the Moviebox. Too many TV producers and production people have filed a lawsuit against Moviebox streaming video service for the distribution of illegal material on the internet.

Owing to this lawsuit against the Moviebox service, creators and marketers were eventually forced to close down the services. As of 2020, and due to the quarantine time, many people were wondering and tweeting about the Moviebox service, but there are still no details about the service.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.