Music and driving, what does it do to you as a driver? What effects does music have on a driver? And what role does music play as far as driving is concerned?

Studies have been carried out in different countries around the world to establish the effects of music on the drivers. However, there has been conflicting information about the findings. It is not clear whether music causes distraction behind the wheel or not. But Speaker Champion shares some interesting points here of music and driving.

It is almost nine decades now since the first radio was introduced in the car. That is in the year 1930. And many people who listen to music in the car believe that it is beneficial to concentration while on the road.

Effects Of Music While Driving

Music is a unique tool and piece of entertainment that affects your mood and can make the drivers less bore and more active on the road.

Several studies conducted in different places show that the type of music you choose determines the effect. An excellent choice of music leads to ethical behavior and better concentration on the road. Bad choices disrupt the drivers' focus or may even lead to aggressive actions on the road.

Choice Of Music Matters

Professor Warren Brodsky, the director of music psychology from Ben-Gurion University recently conducted a study and concluded that best music for the drivers to listen to while on the road should be something that inspires them, a song that contains a moderate level of emotional energy.

On the other hand, the right choice of music affects your moods positively. Besides soothing your humor and preventing boredom, the right choice of music also keeps you alert on the road and makes you relaxed. But, we don't mean that it will keep you awake when you feel sleepy, it's good to pull over and take a rest.

But what is the right choice of music while behind the wheel, is it your favorite music or someone else's?

Right Choice Of Music

Not every type of music is beneficial to your driving. Studies show that about 98 percent of drivers on the road make severe mistakes like over-speeding, poor concentration, and one-hand driving when listening to their favorite songs. This is because they get carried away.

However, listening to the right music decreases such mistakes. Moreover, driving without music completely is more effective to many drivers. This is because some sink in other thoughts due to the silent environment.

Songs that causes distracting thoughts and emotions are not good while driving. But, Acoustic, Mellow and Classical music keeps the driver’s brains and concentration in the right zone.

Therefore, listening to music while driving is advisable, but not the music that alters your mood or one that will have you sing and dance along while holding the steering wheel.

How Effective Is Music To The Driver’s Concentration?

Another study carried out in the Netherlands showed that music improves the driver's concentration on the road. Drivers, aged between 19 to 25 years were asked to make a music playlist they liked. Then a 30-minute drive study was conducted on a monotonous traffic road while the music played along.

Outcome: They were keener in following the car in front and were so attentive to changes in the lead car’s speed as compared to those who drove without music.

Does The Volume Matter While Driving?

Deafening volume is so distracting and affects your focus. Whether it is the right or wrong music playing, the driver's reaction on the road is slower when the volume is high. Also, when the volume is to low, it may force you to keep turning it up. This may cause you to look away from the road more often, hence distracting your focus. Therefore, let the volume be moderate so that you focus on the road and listen to the happenings around. If you need car accessories like tire, headlight, headlight restoration kit, coating etc Visit

Song Search Is Also Effective.

When driving and scrolling down the playlist, chances of your losing focus on the road are so high since you will need to look away from the road more often for a more extended period of time. Therefore, it is advisable that you make the song selection before you start off the journey.

Therefore, listening to music while driving is generally good sinceit increases the mental effort of the driver both in complex and monotonous traffic conditions.

A study carried out about the effect of music on drivers in both high demand and low demand circumstances showed music assists drivers more in high demand. High demand circumstances are those circumstances that the driver is forced to multitask.

Scientifically, a driver’s heart remains more stable when listening to relaxing music. Music with the tempo or speed similar to a human’s heart rate can help in stress reduction hence causing a safe drive. Therefore, the required tempo for music while driving should match the human’s heartbeat. A human’s heart beats at the rate of 60 to 80 beats per minute.

Types Of Music That May Land You In Trouble While Driving:

Hip-hop: - Drivers listening to such music while behind the wheel, especially ladies are more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors.

Jazz: - Listeners of this genre are more likely to over speed.

Hard rock: - Drivers listening to such while on the road are more likely to be involved in a crush.

Drum and Base: - Mostly, this kind of music leads to aggressive behaviors among drivers.


Does Music Make You An Unsafe Driver?

The answer here is, it depends on what you are listening to while driving. We all love music, and the truth is, the right choice of music sets up a brighter mood in the vehicle, bringing in a stress-free mode and taking away the driver’s boredom.

Statistics show 60 percent of drivers believe that the right music makes them safe and better drivers.
However, we at Speaker Champion are not suggesting that you change your whole playlist. Neither are we asking you to switch from your favorite songs to a boring list. Make the right choice and avoid making some avoidable mistakes.

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