Does My Ex Miss Me? Relationships are always beautiful until that moment when everything falls apart, and you have to break up. When your partner left, you may have realized forever doesn’t last that long. The heartache may have almost turned your life upside down. But somehow you found a way out of the darkness and stood strong. You learned to appreciate the good times you had and the fact that it was part of life. And then you something reminded you of your partner, and you are now wondering,  does my ex miss me?

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Here is some truth:
Why Did Your Relationship End?
Whether your ex is missing you or not depends on the reasons for the termination of your relationship. A lot of guys ask; does my ex girlfriend miss me? And a whole lot more ladies try to find out; does my ex boyfriend miss me? How a relationship ends determines the feeling someone has towards their partner. You may be wondering how exactly that is, here is how it works. If you broke up because of unavoidable circumstances or other unintentional reasons, then definitely your ex is missing you.
“I wish Jay was here with me in this beautiful sunset, Missing My Ex” was a post a few months ago that sparked social media discussions around relationships. Jennifer, who broke up with her boyfriend after moving to a new town, wrote this post. Minor disagreements, influence from parents or friends and other minor reasons for breakups often lead to partners who broke up missing each other and even starting over.
However, some breakup reasons like cheating and mistreatment may result in hate and resentment which will prevent being missed. If you broke up because of a reason that extremely hurt your partner, brought shame, lowered self-esteem or physical injury then it will be least likely that they miss you. But putting in mind that love has no definite rules, there are of course exceptions to everything.
How Long?
The question of time comes to play in two ways, how long the relationship lasted and how long you have been apart. The duration of the relationship determines the depth of your connection. If you were together for quite a long time, you become unforgettable, and they miss you after you break up. Over time, you always become part of their life and therefore their mind and heart will always wander to you regardless of whether they stayed single or they moved on.
How long it has been since you broke up is also essential. At first, the pain and the feelings of
betrayal may cloud the bigger picture, and it will be least likely that you are being missed. After some time, they adjust to the new state of their life, and after reflecting back on what you had, they will realize the big part you played in their happiness and will miss you. That’s the point they will start sending you signals. Afterwards, you start fading and as they meet someone else, the missing decreases. Over time you become just a part of their story but have no emotional impact on them.
How Close Were You?
How deep your relationship was is a very crucial factor in determining how they feel towards you after you break up. If you were close, and your relationship romantically
charged, then your ex misses you. For instance, if you had moved together or even had a baby together, then that relationship is one that is unforgettable, and you will always linger at the back of their mind. Everything you did together will always flood back to them when they are in bed thinking about life, and they may even pick up the phone and call you.
On the other hand, if it was a platonic relationship and both of you were just in for fun then they will move on and forget about you in no time. If all you cared about was satisfying your sexual desires, then they will probably not miss you unless they are sexually starved for so long. When the connection is not deep, you are always replaceable, and it takes a very short time for them to move on. One moment you may be talking about your future together and then the next you don’t exist.
Signs That Show Your Ex is Missing You
Now that you know what determines whether your ex will miss you or not, now it’s time to look at what will show your ex is missing you. These signs are basically that things to look for that will help you read the signs right, helping you make an informed decision. They are divided into direct signs and indirect signs. Direct signs are where your ex will plainly show that they are missing you. Your ex might start texting you or increase it if they were doing it before. They will begin expressing genuine care for you. When you need any help, they will be quick to get you whatever you need just to make you see that they miss you. They may call you and talk about nothing specific only to hear your voice. They will try to relive the life you had together, doing the things they used to do when you were together.
Indirect signs are those that may go unnoticed at times. Your ex may keep tabs on you by checking your social media and even liking your posts more often. They will ask about you from your friends and ask them not to reveal to you that they did check on you. They may even start stalking. They may however never reveal to you that they are missing you.
Conclusion A broken relationship hurts. As everything starts getting better, however, you may begin wondering if your ex misses you. The answer depends on the reasons for your breakup, how long you dated, how long it has been since you broke up and how deep your connection was with each other. You can then look out for signs that they are missing you and chances are you will realize they do. You can then decide, depending on how you feel about them, to keep them out of your life or build a bridge between you again. Whatever it is, always remember that your happiness comes first.

Some 7 Key Ways on How to Make an Ex Miss You
There are times when one has to look for ways of getting back with their ex, particularly when they miss the good moments they shared together. It is therefore important to look for signs that they miss you. However, this in itself is not sufficient. You need to go further and take measures to ensure that they do actually miss you. Then you can take more steps to ensure that you get your ex back, and retain them for good.

The following are sure-fire ways from reputable dating and relationship coaches on how to make your ex miss you, whether they are male or female:
1. Keep Your Mind Off Your Ex by Making New Friends.
Psychologists tell us that by showing your ex that your life is moving on quite well, they will actually be drawn to you. One of the best ways of achieving this is by expanding your circle of friends. Meet new people and form relationships with them. However, do not remove the support system that comes with keeping your old friends. Two major benefits come with expanding your circle of friends. One, you will be keeping busy, and thus your mind will be off your ex. You will not spend too much time mourning the break-up, but you will rather enhance your social calendar. Secondly, it will send a strong signal to your ex that if they do not take steps to reclaim you, somebody else can easily sweep you off your feet.
2. Send Subtle Messages Through Your Common Pals
Your ego may get in the way when you want your ex to know that you want them back. This is more so if you had warned him/her against communicating with you, or if you had blocked his/her number after the break-up. You can circumvent this challenge and make your ex to start thinking of you by using your common friends. Let him/her know about the good life that you have been enjoying since the break-up. Ensure that the final message he/she receives from your friends does not paint you in any negative light, but rather depicts the happy life you are leading. So, be wise as you relay the subtle messages, and ensure that it conveys exactly what you want him/her to perceive.
3. Make a Major Transformation in Your Life
This is a sure win tactic on how to make your ex miss you. Make a major, positive transformation in your life that will totally shake your ex. This should be something unexpected, one that the two of you had never contemplated together. For example, you could adopt a new lifestyle like moving to a new city, or buying a better house if the finances allow. Change the old car for a new, flashier one. Start visiting the gym. Do something that he will notice. The purpose of this move is to show your ex that you are moving on with your life with magnificence, and that the break-up does not bother you one bit. Of course, he/she will stop to evaluate, and in all likelihood, they will want to be part of the positive, powerful transformation that is taking part in your life.
4. Change Your Looks
This is the best trick in the arsenal on how to make your ex miss you. Your looks are largely dependent on two things: your wardrobe, your hair (especially for ladies) and your sense of style. Start by revamping your wardrobe. Change the old clothes – the ones that he/she was used to seeing you in. Invest in clothes that accentuate your looks. Purchase new, trendy suits or sportswear that your ex will instantly notice should they spy you somewhere.

If you are a lady, you can trigger his emotions by being in skirts that show off your legs, or blouses and trousers that show off your curves. Men too can wear outfits that show off those areas that complement their manly’’ nature. Dress to show off that six-pack, the abs, biceps and broad shoulders. After all, your ex could be that person who is easily moved by visual appeal. Take advantage of this.

Having worked on the wardrobe, the next thing is to ensure that you give your hair a completely new hairstyle. Ladies can try to change the color or even the style of doing their hair to achieve a different look. Do something that is bound to get his attention and arouse the emotions that will make him start missing you, and even take steps to win you back. However, be careful not to do something drastic that you may regret. For example, you do not have to completely cut off your hair or use a permanent dye on it.

As a man, you can adopt a different haircut from what your ex is used to. If your lifestyle so permits it dye the hair in a color that will get her to notice you, but one that will not cause you undue inconveniences. You can consult your local beautician for the options available.

5. Use the Social Media to Your Advantage
The social media has a remarkable impact on our lives. It can be used to tell about our lives. If your ex is still your friend on your social media accounts like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, use these sites to tell of your newfound freedom and life of glamor and happiness. He/she will envy this, and all likelihood is that this will prompt them to seek reconciliation.

Alternatively, you may decide to cut your ex off from all your social media activities by unfriending them. Blocking your ex from your sites will most likely make him/her start missing you, as you would have effectively rendered him/her unable to follow your life. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. The opposite is also quite true – absence makes the heart grow fonder.
6. Purposefully Fail to Acknowledge his/her Important Anniversaries
There are many occasions when you can use this tactic to make your ex miss you, and to start looking for you. Do not acknowledge anniversaries and holidays that are important to him/her. Good examples of these are his/her birthday, common holidays like Christmas and other religious holidays, and national holidays that they treasure. Resist the compulsion to send that post card, email or text message to them. This will send a powerful message to your ex once they miss all the attention that you used to show on them during such occasions. He/she will instinctively want to seek you out for reconciliation.
7. Make Your Ex Jealous
Of all the tricks on how to make an ex miss you, this is one that should be executed with a lot of care. Let your ex think that you already have his/her replacement by having a new partner accompany you on your dates. You must bear in mind, however, that the end goal of this trick is to have your ex come running back to you. You do not therefore have to overdo the tactic by appearing to be overly romantic with the new partner. Just act like there is something serious in the offing between the two of you. This should be done in a manner that sends a strong signal to your ex that if they do not take the right measures, they may lose you forever. If well done, the tactic works magic. It will have your ex breaking all the limits to get back to your arms.

There are many other tricks that you can use on how to make an ex miss you. The above 7 are very effective, and are guaranteed to get you the desired results pretty fast. Be bold enough to try them out.

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