Does My Ex Still Care About Me: Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You

So you may spend time with your ex, but at the same time, he/she sends you mixed signals about how they feel. That makes things difficult to progress forward, as you are unsure if you do something wrong, that it may cause your ex to start ignoring you, and you are also afraid that you may not do something soon enough to get your ex back. It is very important, then, to find out whether you ex is still attracted to you or not... but how? Does your ex still like you? There are indicators that you can observe to know the answers. Here are some ways to find out.

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Smile - A person's smile is very hard to fake. No matter how big it is, you will know and feel whether it is genuine or not, especially you have been with them for some time, you should know if they are smiling with their hearts or not. Pay your ex a visit and just say hi, say that you just want to see how they are.

Smile at him or her. Observe how they would smile back. Take a look at the eyes. Feel that emotion whether he or she is happy to see you. If it is a smile with a short nod, they are happy to see an old friend. But if they smile with wonder and surprise, then your ex definitely still likes you.

Listen to their laughter - Your ex is probably one of the people who used to laugh at your corniest jokes. Try an experiment in telling a joke. Listen if they are laughing because it is funny or because they are relieved to see you and are happy to have spoken to you. If they still laugh that way, then he or she still likes you.

Compliment your ex- If you can do this, you can easily notice if your ex is still flattered by you, by watching his/her reaction to the things you say. You can also try complimenting your ex on things you would normally never notice, or things which you never complimented them on before.

Appreciation - There is surely a skill of yours that your ex found amazing. If it is painting, for example, try to invite them to see your new work of art. Make sure that you are in good terms with your ex and tell him or her that, you would like to know what they think as a good friend.

A simple appreciation means that they are being nice but if they still praise you the way they used to even though you know it's not that great, then you are still liked.

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If stormy arguments were the order of the day when you were married and also the primary reason why your wife left you then only these magic words can bring her back. However you will have to improve your behavior and only then say them with all sincerity. Here they are.

I agree with your actions
If your wife has left you in a hurry and that too after a heated argument and arguments were quite frequent then it is best that you agree with her action to leave you and separate. By saying this you are not only agreeing to separate for a short time but you are also taking the wind out of her sails. Doing this will ensure she does not file a suit for legal separation immediately after the breakup.

I am sorry for the pain and anguish I caused
After some time has passed and you are sure that her anger has mellowed down send her a message through a common friend and ask to meet her. If she refuses then don't pursue the matter instead send her a handwritten card and apologize for the pain and hurt you caused. For gods sake don't send her an email or a text message. A handwritten card has its own old world charm.

Lets sit down and discuss this
Start calling her intermittently to ask how she is doing or to ask how the kids are coping. If she responds without a hint of animosity then one fine day when things are good ask her to meet you. Tell her that you want to discuss the issue of the breakup and would like it if she spares a few moments for old times sake.

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It's my fault, I take the blame
When she meets you greet her pleasantly and after exchanging basic information broach the subject of your breakup. However, even before she starts with her list of complaints disarm her by owning up for the mess. This will have the desired effect and she will not be as hostile as she intended to be.

Thank you for being so understanding
Treat her well and make sure you order her favorite wine and her favorite dish for dinner. After owning up to all your past mistakes talk on other subjects where there is convergence of your views. Don't drag the meeting and end it before she starts yawning.

I think I deserve a second chance
Once the ice is broken then make it a point to meet her as often as you can. Also don't forget to wish her on special days of her life. She will begin to realize that you are now a changed person and will no longer see you as the villain. Once you are sure of this then one weekend take her out and during the course of the evening get a little sentimental and ask for a second chance.

I love you
If she does not reject your proposal outright then it means that she is in double mind and will eventually say yes. Before you drop her home pull her towards you and say the magic words, "I love you", as you look directly in her eyes.

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Whether your ex wants you back or not will depend largely on the way you conduct yourself after you break up. If you want to get your ex back then you have to make your ex need you back. Here is what you should do make your ex want you back in his/her life.

Don't try to 'convince' your ex

Whether your ex will want you or not will depend a lot on how you handle the initial days of your break up. Trying to convince your ex constantly on patching things up is not going to help at all. The only thing that this will do is to convince your ex to go ahead with the break up.

Take your share of the blame

When your ex talks of the break up listen to why he/she wants to head that way. Instead of resisting the breakup be gracious and genuine and accept your part of the blame and take full responsibility of it. At the end your ex will see that you are a nice person and will make him/her like you a little.

Create some space in your life

Once the break up has been announced you need to exit from your ex's life. There should be no communication going on and absolutely no drunken calls announcing your undying love for them or the hugeness of the mistake that they have made breaking up with you.

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Call your ex

Once you have let some time pass you need to give your ex a call and ask to talk to them. Sound in control and mature and your ex will give you a hearing. The space will also ensure that he/she is more willing to hear you.

Make an offer to meet in person and offer a really good apology

Ask your ex to meet you and chances are that your ex will agree. Assure them that you will not create a scene or try to convince them to get back with you. Offer a really good apology and your job shall be done.

Focus on being friends

Your main focus should be to get your ex to see that you value them and their companionship. So if you can't be a couple you would like to be friends. Foster the friendship and your ex will eventually want to get back with you.

Don't try to use the jealousy angle

Finally, you must never try to make your ex jealous if you want them to want you back as this act makes you look petty and immature.

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No matter what the reason for the split. If you are determined to get your ex back then there are countless ways to do so. However, if you want that fast then follow these simple yet effective ways described below. You have to be extremely sincere in your effort if you want results that match your expectations.

Don't lose sight of her
There will be many who will suggest that you move away or give her a break but you have to disregard all such advice and suggestions. There is a danger here if you move away someone else will floor her and steal her from you. So, remain in sight and keep her on your radar at all times.

Implement all that she wanted in you
You will have a fair idea as to what was wrong or what pissed her off so much that she left you. Make a list and start rectifying all that you think was responsible for the breakup. If you do this sincerely then you will notice changes in your outlook and she too will notice that you have begun to finally do what she has been insisting. This will please her no end.

Prove your sincerity
There will be few things that will not be in your control and for that you will have to take expert help. Do that and implement all the suggestions. If your girlfriend wanted you to take your career or profession seriously then do so and as you start to become successful she will know that you are doing all this for her.

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Get back in her good books
By now she will begin to warm up to you as she has noticed that you are sincere in your efforts. Get back in her good books but don't leave the self improvement drive midway. You have to persevere if you want the relationship to be on a firm footing when you get a second chance.

Be the perfect guy
Impress her with your impeccable behavior and prove that you are man enough to own up to your responsibilities and change for the better. Treat her like a lady and woo her all over again. Give her all the importance she deserves and take care of all her needs.

Take her out
Start romancing her once again only this time be more creative in your approach. Show that you have matured as person and that you are no longer the boy she left behind instead you are man that is wiser to the ways of the world. She will feel immensely proud of you.

Ask her to come back
Having dated her for some time you will now have to propose to her to show that you are committed. Ask her to give you another chance by moving in with you. If you have impressed her with your sincerity she will in all likelihood say yes and you will be couple once again.

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