Does My Ex Still Love Me: How to Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

When you feel that you want to get your ex back your job becomes that much easier if you know whether you ex too likes you or not. Here are a few excellent ways to tell if your ex still likes you.

Your ex keeps in touch with you

When your ex likes you he/she will want to stay in touch with you. If the relationship was over and your ex had no intention of renewing it then he/she would make no attempt at keeping in touch with you.

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He/she wants to be friends

Your ex will call you to mend bridges, ask to let bygones be bygones and offer to be friends. This clearly indicates that your ex still likes you and wants to stay in touch with you so that eventually you can patch up.

Your ex notices small things about you

You know that your ex still likes you when your ex notices the small things about you still. Since you have broken up your ex shouldn't be as perceptive with you but if he/she is then it is because of the silent liking for you.

You keep bumping into your ex at unexpected places

Another way to know if your ex still likes you if he/she doesn't make any direct attempt at contacting or staying in touch with you is if you keep bumping into your ex at unexpected places. If this happens you should know that he/she is making an indirect attempt at renewing contact with you only because he/she doesn't want to look desperate.

You know that your ex is trying to make you jealous

If you see that your ex is flaunting his/her dates on your face then he/she is definitely trying to make you jealous. This indicates that your ex still likes you very much and is using jealousy as a medium to ignite your love for him/her.

Your ex's friends will talk to you of him/her

Your ex still likes your when you find his/her friends constantly finding out ways of getting information about him/her to you. You will hear of how well your ex is doing after the break up. These news bites are being sent by your ex to make you aware of him/her only because he/she still likes you.

He will try to impress you once again

You will see that your ex will look for ways to impress you a lot by the way he/she behaves and dresses to get your attention. If you see this happening then he/she still likes you.

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When answering the question of will you and your ex get back together, I like to consult my magic 8-ball. Unfortunately, all I have on me today is the cue ball and that's not very magical so follow these tips to truly get your answer.

Step 1: Probably Not As You Are: People don't break up with somebody who is the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, well unless you count all my exes! The point is that something initiated the breakup so in order to get them back, try to repair the cracks that caused the split.

Step 2: Probably: It's true that there are other fish in the sea but you have the advantage of getting caught because you're closer to the dock. It's hard starting new relationships and many people prefer to be comfortable instead of in love so if you're a good person and act kind to your ex you'll probably get back together.

Step 3: Fate Needs A Jumpstart It's true that you have an advantage of getting back with your ex but that doesn't mean you should sit there and wait for it to happen. Feel free to call them every now and then and make an effort to subtlety stay in their life otherwise they might float out to sea.

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Step 4: Take Small Bites: The fish that chomps on the worm always ends up getting hooked but the little guy who nibbles off many worms actually gets to eat more. That might sound like a metaphor to date 20 people but it actually means take small steps to get your ex back instead of the big splash and you'll have more success.

Step 5: Don't Swim In Too Many Schools: When you're split up, it's healthy to get to know other people that could potentially be mates but it does damage to your ex if you have a different date every night. Respect your ex and yourself and you'll have a better chance of getting back together.

Step 6: Why Did You Split Maybe you guys broke up because one person forgot to call the other but maybe the riff came from getting caught in a compromising position with a fisherman down at the dwarf. In order to know if you'll get back with your ex, you've got to determine how deep their wounds are.

Step 7: It's Worth A Shot: If you feel like getting back together with your ex, I say go for it. The worst that can happen is the relationship fails again but that's the situation you're in now. You never know how cold the water is until you put your toes in there.

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The band Def Leppard is always preaching to us that it's too late, too late for love but they've always been real negative. Ask yourself a few of these questions to truly find out if it's too late to get your ex back..

Step 1: Check Your Internal Clock: Only you will know if it's truly too late to get your ex back but this is a good thing. Your friends might tell you to move on after a week but you might know if you still love them 26 years later so look inside for the answer.

Step 2: Use Common Sense: The sad truth is that it's probably too late to get your ex back if they've moved on, married, had kids and started a family. If you really love them you'll give them space and if they return someday down the line so be it.

Step 3: Why Now? Obviously some time has passed so why do you feel like now's the time to reignite your passion flame? Have you made changes in life, did your ex move back closer or are you just lonely?

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Step 4: Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds: Contrary to popular belief, when somebody has been hurt it scars them forever. Maybe the cause of your split is just too much to overcome and it truly could be too late to get your ex back. You've got to evaluate who wronged whom and you might have to ask around to get a perception of what their feelings are towards you.

Step 5: It Won't Be The Same: Things have changed but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You've got to realize that getting back together after a breakup is harder than hooking up in the first place because now the both of you have a lot more invested in the relationship.

Step 6: It Could Be Better Perhaps the breakup and subsequent time apart helped both of you realize that life is better with the other's company. In this instance, time is your ally and certain gaps in the partnership are good things, not negative.

Step 7: Try: You'll never know if it truly is too late to get back with your ex until you face up and try. If they tell you to get lost, at least you'll know but the longer you wait, the farther they'll drift apart so take that courageous leap today...or next week.

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To win back something means that you had it in the first place. Imagine your wife like a football championship, you did the right things a few seasons ago to get the title so now it might be time to go back to training camp and study up on the old playbook.

Step 1: Focus On Her Traits: Maybe as your wife's hair started getting gray and she stopped wearing makeup around the house, you subconsciously treated her with less respect. It's her personality traits that captured your heart in the first place and those will never fade so tell her the little things you miss about her.

Step 2: Be A Good Father: You've seen an NFL player tell the camera that his kids are his life, but then he has a hard time remembering their names. Nothing is more attractive to the opposite sex than when a man is great with kids, and that attraction is doubled when the woman happens to be the mother of the little ones.

Step 3: Be A Good Friend Whether you have kids or not, you occupy a chapter in each other's life. There's no sense looking back and regretting a 5-year silent period so make attempts to be a good friend by helping her out, listening to her, or giving her space.

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Step 4: Not Over The Top: In a football game, you can't throw an 80-yard bomb on every play...unless you're playing the Lions. On the same token, don't shower her with roses everyday or write her a daily love email because the crowd will soon start to boo you. The element of surprise is what defenses aren't prepared for.

Step 5: With Or Without Her...You're Fine: Right now, your wife is a high priced free agent and you'd sure like to have her back because she knows your system and all the teammates. You can't let her know that though because she'll ask for the largest contract ever so let her court other teams and eventually she'll give you a hometown discount.

Step 6: List Her Negative Aspects You probably don't want to email her and her coworkers this list but make a note of things she could improve on. Right now, you're focusing on the fact that she can throw 75-yard bombs but maybe she was also a cancer in the locker room or always called her own plays.

Step 7: Use Teamwork: If she comes back to you, it's important to make a conscious effort to work as a team to accomplish your goals. Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring while Dan Marino doesn't and it's all because of the supporting cast.

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